How to pick your personal trainer

The benefits of having good quality, one-on-one exercise and training help when devising and sticking to a fitness plan cannot be underestimated. You can save time in setting your goals and ultimately reach them in the most efficient way possible. No longer the preserve of the rich and famous, having a personal trainer is seen as not only common sense but value for money by health buffs from all walks of life.

Just as an exercise plan of action should be personal to you, you also need to pick a personal trainer that’s perfect for you too, and you might want to consider a few factors before you jump in.

Do you feel comfortable? When all is said and done a personal trainer has to be somebody you feel at ease with. This means that they are personable and professional and are able to work with you without you feeling on-edge or nervous in any way.

Are they offering you a real tailored fitness plan? The whole point of having a personal trainer is that you are getting specialized help and this means an exercise plan and schedule that has been designed especially for you, rather than a generic workout.

Do they give you the motivation you need? Many people choose to get a personal trainer because they lack some type of impetus as well as needing encouragement and some pushing in the right direction. If a personal trainer lacks energy and positivity it’s unlikely that he or she will get you feeling ready and willing to exercise.

Are they qualified? How experienced are they? Do they have first aid training? Are they accredited? Make sure that your personal trainer has the right background for the job so that you can make the most of your sessions together.

Do they listen to you? You might want a personal trainer to set the goals and keep the momentum going but you also need to have an input too. If you are finding a certain exercise a challenge, or feel that you want to change what you focus on, then you need to know that someone is really listening to you and can act on what you say.

How are they monitoring your progress? As the weeks go by you should be able to see and feel the difference in terms of your fitness levels but before you start, find out how your potential personal trainer will keep tabs on what you are doing and how you are progressing. This way you can add in extra challenges, set new goals and avoid exercise plateaus.

Are they able to show you new exercise techniques? You might have a general overview when it comes to exercise, but once your fitness plan is established, having a personal trainer advise you on how to maximize your workout, and how to really rise to the challenge, is a real bonus.

What can they do to help with any special medical/health issues you might have? Whether you have a bad back, or a weakness because of an injury or an illness, you need to let a personal trainer know straightaway. Ask them what extra provisions they will add to the fitness plan to compensate for this or support any problems you might have.

Are they reliable and do they have a good reputation? An overbusy personal trainer or one that really isn’t dedicated enough might let you down by cancelling or shifting appointments around. You might find you lose the enthusiasm along the way as well.

Are they affordable and what are cancellation costs? Price does not always equal value. Look at what you are really getting for your money. You might be offered less sessions but better quality personal training, for example. It’s a good idea to find out what happens money-wise if you can’t make a meeting too.

Remember having a personal trainer is all about you and so don’t feel reticent about asking lots of questions and finding out as much information as you can before you commit. Contact us and find out how you can get results with a personal trainer.

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