What’s not to love? Pilates passion

From celebrities to sports stars and fitness fans, it seems that anyone who has experienced Pilates really loves it. The whole body conditioning benefits of Pilates have been being promoted for over 70 years, since this workout approach was first introduced as a rehabilitative exercise for injured Second World War soldiers. Since then men and women across the world have developed a passion for Pilates.

If you’re tempted to try Pilates for the first time or have just started classes and want to find out more about what’s so great about it then here’s a quick rundown of Pilates plus points:

  • Pilates takes a holistic approach to exercise with concentration on breathing as well as on the movements as well. This mind-body connection and meditative aspect of Pilates gives it an extra dimension than straightforward workouts.
  • Heightened body awareness is one of the results of regular Pilates sessions. Pilates focuses on core strength through posture and alignment stretches. This means that you are encouraged to look at how you use your body in everyday ways, outside of classes. It targets the small muscles which support larger muscles and connect tendons so you get a real sense of connectivity within your body.
  • Slow movements and faster workouts. During high energy workouts people sometimes wish they could hold back and take time to really get into a certain stretch. Pilates is all about ‘contrology’ with measured stretches, as well as including faster exercises too.
  • There’s great variety in Pilates exercises including mat work using equipment such as balls, where you use your own bodyweight to create resistance. Other types of Pilates use weights, as well as specially designed equipment such as pulleys.
  • Low impact exercises can be less taxing on joints which is ideal for certain age groups, as well as people who have an injury and need stretches which don’t punish the body at the same time.
  • The intense stretching that Pilates encourages promotes agility, flexibility and strength, and really tones muscles, making the body feel more supple and conditioned.
  • Unlike certain activities, Pilates suits all ages and fitness levels as you can go at the pace that your body dictates. There is no sense of overly-pushing yourself or having to keep up as Pilates is more about you getting in tune with your body and correcting posture and alignment problems. Pilates is about quality rather than quantity when it comes to exercises.
  • Pilates tones the body quickly and you can see results quickly which can really inspire you to carry on with the workouts. Pilates tones the body which can create a more shapely, leaner looking physique.

Often people like to mix working out with Pilates with other cardio exercises as part of their weekly routine. However, you can also really get great body conditioning from Pilates classes as stand alone workouts, especially if you practice Pilates a few times a week. Get in touch and find out more about how you can have a Pilates body and how it can transform you.


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