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Running on empty energy

Have you ever been too tired to go to work, socialize or face a project, event or situation? Have you ever sought out a quick solution to get you through the day or night? People often talk about needing a caffeine injection and regardless of the health issues that energy drinks may raise, many reach […]

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Are you fit enough to do your job?

If you sit behind a desk and wheel around an office then you might feel perfectly fit enough to do your job. The question might be is your job ruining your health and fitness. Recent statistics have shown a huge increase in the number of U.S. Air Force workers either losing their jobs or being […]

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Gangnam Style and dance fitness fans

By the time you read this the South Korean viral hit Gangnam Style by PSY would have jumped over 800 million YouTube hits to set the record as the video with the most views on YouTube. With flash mobs and organized public dances busting out Gangnam Style moves across the globe, it seems the whole […]

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Give fitness the fun factor for success

You don’t need to be a fitness guru or have great powers of perception to know that if you don’t enjoy doing something then you’re probably less likely to do it, or at least stick at it over time. So what do you do if you’ve convinced yourself that keeping fit is anything but enjoyable? […]

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Will a boot camp kick it for you?

For many people the idea of a boot camp conjures up images of gunnery sergeant Hartman shouting orders while you eat dirt in a muddy field at the crack of dawn. Hardly an enticing picture even for the hardcore types who want to feel punished before they feel purified and fit again. However, the rise […]

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Worldwide fitness trends for 2013

It seems like every year some new a fitness fad comes into the spotlight that shines for a while before disappearing. However, with knowledge and understanding of the body, health and wellness increasing this is an exciting time to find interesting and effective ways to get fit and stay fit. The type of fitness people […]

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How low should you go?

Have you stood in front of the mirror naked recently? Or jumped on the scales for a quick weigh-in? What about grabbing the tape measure for a list of your vital statistics? With the battle of the bulge seemingly being lost by a great many and media stories of once-were-big celebrities vanishing into a slip […]

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Muscle boys, body image and longevity

Teenage boys feeling under pressure to have a ripped and pumped up physique might be the reason that more of them are working out to gain extra muscle. A recent study highlights what could be worrying signs of this teenage focus. Meanwhile, a different study suggests that muscle strength in teenage boys could be a […]

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New Year fitness countdown

When the bells start chiming to bring in 2013 will you be waking up the next morning with a head full of resolutions? If so, one of those resolutions will likely be to improve your health and fitness. Good intentions aside, the problem is that January is the month where the best laid plans of […]

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How to keep on walking with Parkinson’s

Millions are affected by Parkinson’s disease across the globe. It is a debilitating condition with no known cure and is caused by neurological issues which manifest in many symptoms, one of which is the inability to get around. Shaking, tremors and mobility problems are a real issue for sufferers but a recent study gives hope […]

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