How to let go and get on

If you think of the typical motivated person, you might picture someone gritting their teeth with steely determination. Place this in a fitness setting and you might imagine someone on a strictly committed course, reaching their goals through sheer will power and unwavering self-discipline. However, while setting targets and sticking to an exercise plan of action might be a positive way forward, there’s something to be said for letting go a little to get to where you want to go.

To motivate yourself into keeping fit you might need a little more than the promise of toned physique at the end of it. Enjoying working out and even looking forward to your fitness routine is really what you need to aim for, as well as personal goals of killer abs and a taut tum. Here are five reasons why a serious, determined but joyless attitude to exercise might need to be loosened up a little:

Rebel with a cause. If you make your exercise plan feel like a punishment by regarding it as something you have to do, rather than something you want to do then it becomes a chore. Associating negative thoughts with exercise is hardly inspiring and you might find that you rebel against the idea of fitness altogether. How many times have you heard people say that they’re not gym types or they just don’t do exercise? It is almost as if they are making a stand against pressure to conform and toe the line.

Great expectations. It’s one thing to have drive and goals but it’s another to be totally unrealistic. There’s nothing wrong with having boundless enthusiasm and lofty ambitions at the start of any project but going overboard might lead to failure. If you set the bar too high then you might start to push yourself too hard and this could make the most well-intentioned strategy backfire, as well as lead to injury.

Running on stress. Overtraining because you are too intent on reaching a strict fitness goal can cause stress to your joints and muscles. Not only that, but putting undue pressure on yourself with a too rigorous exercise regime is counterproductive. People have enough challenges in life without working out becoming another pressure to deal with. There’s a difference between a healthy challenge and a stress-inducing race to some self-determined finish line.

All work and no play makes exercisers have a dull day. In a bid to shape up it’s easy for exercise to become a gruelling routine where you adopt the philosophy that if there’s no pain then there’s no gain. Of course, working out does demand effort and energy but if it becomes a drag then you might find that your drive slows down along the way.

Where’s the fun in trying? Focus is positive but putting on exercise blinkers and sticking rigidly to one routine can blind you to a multitude of workout possibilities. Not only can this leave you feeling bored, it might mean that you’re not achieving the best for your body too. The right exercise plan should be challenging and able to bring about results in an effective and efficient way. By not trying out different ways of keeping fit you might be missing out on a more effective way to achieve your goals or finding some fun new way to fitness.

If you are looking for help in finding interesting ways to keep fit and stay motivated? Get in touch and we’ll help you find your fitness inspiration.

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