Post-holiday yoga de-stresser

You know the feeling, you’ve had a full-on festive season of overindulgence coupled with a lot of ¬†sitting around with family and friends doing more of the same. It’s not surprising that January often brings with it a feeling of not feeling on top of the world. If you feel overweight, full of toxins or perhaps simply in need of some limbering up, then what you need is an exercise routine, like yoga, that not only works your body but also lifts your mood and de-stresses you as well.

Yoga is a wonderful way to start the year as it nurtures your mind-body connection as well as your innerself. This nourishing exercise can be just the tonic for the exhaustion that many people feel from another year passing by. The new year is always a new opportunity for you to find balance in your life and yoga follows this sentiment and approach too. The balance, coordination and inner strength that yoga inspires in the body and the mind are ideal for helping make changes in many areas of your life.

New Year is not just about change but about recovery and many people use this time to not only change their physique but their mental attitude and approach too. Yoga has, for thousands of years, been renowned for helping lower stress levels, even if the yoga practice is an intense cardio workout, rather than at a slower, more deliberate pace.

Yoga is a great way to condition the whole body but relaxing your mind is important too, especially in helping you get your whole system moving. It’s really about moving blockages to good health and these can be found in the mind as well as the body. Allowing a flow of energy can make you feel lighter, less anxious and more positive about life in general.

Stress in the body can be caused by what you eat and drink but other holiday stress factors can be caused through introspective reflection on where you are at in your life, anxiety due to increased holiday spending and the pressure from relationships after what might have been an intense time of socializing and being in contact with family and friends more than usual.

Being sensitive to your whole body and how every part of you is interconnected, as well as being linked to your psyche, can really help exercise and refresh the mind. It’s not just about feeling good either. If you reduce anxiety and post-holiday stress you can then create a positive mindset that can only do you good when it comes to approaching your physical fitness and mental health for 2013.

We can help you find the best yoga class to get you back in balance and fighting fit for the coming year.

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