Are you prepared for boot camp?

When you really want to tackle your physique and fitness levels a boot camp can seem appealing. Perhaps it’s the thought of military personnel in peak physical condition that has convinced you that you need to take a strict, disciplined and intense approach. What is true is that finding the right boot camp can transform your body and ultimately your life. The key to success though is making sure you are prepared before you embark on your first bench press.

There’s nothing worse than being in a situation where you feel ill prepared or a bit clueless. It means you’re immediately on the back foot and perhaps don’t make the most out of an experience or situation. If you’ve decided you need the push of a boot camp in 2013 then follow these tips on how to be ready for your first session:

Clothes and shoes – Don’t forget the basics! There are many different styles of clothing on the market, often with technology incorporated into the materials and/or design. Finding the right gear to work out in has gone beyond flinging on a pair of shorts or leggings and some running shoes. Look at what time of day the boot camp sessions are and the location. It’s a good idea to get in touch with the organizers who will happily tell you what not to wear and what’s suitable. You don’t need to splash out, but you do need to make your kit work with you, not against you.

What to expect – Have you got an idea of what is entailed in the boot camp from real information or from an idea you’ve formed in your own mind? Getting a really good image of what you will be doing each session and what’s involved in a boot camp program means that you’re not going to be shocked or confused, and can keep going with a clear idea of where the course is taking you and why. Ignorance about boot camp programs is far from bliss.

What’s expected of you – Exercise programs like boot camps are not passive. You might have visions of being bossed around by a stern instructor but the personalized nature of this type of program means it is a two-way routine. Will you have to workout alone away from the boot camp sessions? Will you be keeping track of your diet and be asked to make changes to your lifestyle? You have a part to play in the success of your sessions so you need to make sure you understand the role that you’re signing up for.

Making time – The whole point of a boot camp is that it’s an intensive exercise program. This is not just in terms of the physical demands put on you during sessions but the amount of time you have to put in as well. Out of respect for instructors, other boot camp participants and yourself, you need to clear the decks before you start so that you have room in your calendar to fit the timetable. Be clear about this and stick to the timetable otherwise it’s pointless taking part.

When the going gets tough – Just keep going! Boot camps are designed to take into account your fitness levels and exercise experience but that doesn’t mean they are a walk in the park. They’re not by a long stretch! Boot camps are designed to be challenging and get you into shape. While you will undoubtedly feel the pleasure of a rewarding workout there are going to be times when you feel the pain from working your muscles and pushing beyond your comfort zone. Accept this and expect that you are in for an exhilarating, demanding ride.

Does your body need a boot camp exercise program? The first step to really prepare is to contact us so that we can get the ball rolling toward a healthier, fitter body and lifestyle. Drop us a line and we’ll happily help.

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