5 reasons to take the plunge

As 2013 approaches you might well be chastising yourself for not exercising enough in 2012. Along with this you will no doubt be planning to workout a bit more and deciding on what to do, when and how. It’s easy for the mind to jump to classics such as the gym and aerobic classes but why not take the plunge and go for some water-based activities?

There are so many different ways you can keep fit in the water, from swimming lessons to aqua aerobics, to water sports. If you’ve not been in a pool for a while and are wondering whether to dive into a new workout plan or not then here’s a few good reasons why it’s worth dipping your toe in to find out:

  1. Hide for confidence. It’s all good and well being told that whatever size and shape you are that you should not be afraid of showing who you really are. But let’s face it, one too many chocolates over the holidays and you might be less inclined to show off your lumps and bumps. The great thing about water is that you can submerge and don’t have to flaunt your flaws. For anyone just getting back into exercise, who lacks a little confidence, the water can offer just the right amount of cover to make you feel relaxed enough to concentrate on working out.
  2. Winter and summer. While one part of the world is waiting for the big freeze, followed by the big thaw, the other part is slapping on the sunscreen. Swimming or being around water can cool you down on a hot day and offer a nice layer of insulation when it’s cold outside, provided you keep moving in the water and don’t risk cramps by standing still for too long. Water activities are appealing all year round when it comes to indoor pools and outdoor heated ones too.
  3. Natural resistance. Seeing people grappling with weights and working strange contraptions in the gym can be offputting if you don’t really want to learn new skills and how to use different equipment. What’s great about water is that it offers natural resistance. If you just move around then your muscles will be working against this resistance without the need for any special tools. Simple exercises can be transformed when you do them in the water.
  4. Low impact gym alternative. With minimum strain on the muscles, water activities are often low impact which is good news for anyone who has an injury or doesn’t want to put too much of a burden on joints. Not only that, but come the New Year gyms have a rise in popularity with new members determined to change their ways in 2013 and create a healthier lifestyle. Water aerobics and other activities can offer a popular alternative.
  5. All round exercise. Swimming and many activities in the water are renowned for working the whole body. If this is going to be your main form of exercise then it’s great to know you are using different muscles and stretching all over. Some routines or programs focus on one specific area, or target a particular fitness goal. In the water you can benefit from a more overall workout which really tones.

Find out about what you can do in the water and what this can do for you. There are many varied activities that offer you a chance to jump in and get fit. Get in touch to find out how.

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