Do you have the mind-body connection?

2012Dec18_YogaGeneral_ASo many people think that meditation is about tuning out and switching off but nothing could be further than the truth. In essence it’s about being aware, of mindfully accepting and being in the present moment without judgement. Exercise, particularly yoga increases awareness and the body-mind connection, with one study revealing that meditation creates a greater emotional sync than many other activities.

The UC Berkeley study is important, especially given that this connection is seen as a way for the body and the mind to de-stress and a positive influence in a variety of psychological conditions. Meditation and yoga which focuses on this awareness through postures and breathing techniques is an essential tool for modern life. Dealing with the stresses and strains of technology-driven world, is about harmonizing, achieving balance and understanding the real benefits of exercising the mind too.

Those who simply power into the gym or struggle with life’s demands without addressing them in a healthy way, may feel that they are out of kilter not only with the world around them but themselves. The study saw participants wired up to measure their heart beats while they watched a number of emotionally charged video clips. While the reporting of their emotions was comparable between the control group and the meditators, the actual physical effect of a faster heartbeat, was stronger with the meditators.

Mindfulness is part of meditation practice and a common misconception is that meditation is simply relaxing or thinking about nothing. While you might feel a greater sense of calm and relaxation, this is actually achieved through bringing the mind to the here and now and allowing thoughts to come and go without holding on to them. This really brings the mind into focus and in turn creates a stronger bond with your inner self, your body and the rest of the world.

People are no longer simply exercising to just keep fit but also to benefit from the psychological effects working out has on ‘headspace’. Top athletes who have to be completely at one with what’s happening with their bodies often use yoga and meditation as part of their training too. Many London Olympics 2012 competitors have revealed that they are fans of yoga.

People are being urged to take control of their fitness in the light of so many population health problems associated with modern living and lifestyle choices. Many youngsters in countries like the US suffer from obesity problems and with a growing, ageing population wanting to be fitter for longer, the focus has to be on this greater awareness of what is happening to your body and how this is connected with your thoughts and ultimately your emotional self.

Do you want to bring balance and a sense of wellbeing into your life in 2013? Do you want to learn to be more mindful and present and create a stronger connection between your mind and body? Contact us NOW and bring your health focus mindfully into the present moment.

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