How to make and stick to resolutions

It’s that time of year when even the hardy types who never make any excuses for bad habits or any promises to change, look at where they are at in their lives. No doubt once the last of the holiday treats has been scoffed down you’ll decide it’s time to swallow and digest some honest truths about things you want and perhaps need to change. Perhaps you want to exercise more, adopt a new fitness strategy, or lose weight. But how do you make New Year resolutions that you’ll stick to?

Even if you have half-heartedly decided on a great change in your life around the end of the year, or witnessed others trying to do the same, you’ll know that it really is a case of easier said than done. Here are some pointers to keep you on track with your own promises into 2013:

  1. Pin your resolutions down: It’s easy to have vague notions swirling around in your head but real goals need to be made concrete, or at least pinned down. This might mean actually sitting down and giving yourself time and space to actually write down what you want to achieve.
  2. Revise your plan: As with all processes you might find it useful to go back over what resolutions you’ve come up with and give them a tweak here and there. New ideas might come to mind, for example. You might well decide to drop a certain plan or change it in some way. Be flexible before you start and you’ll be more likely to be able to stick to a more rigid plan.
  3. Don’t over egg the pudding: Enthusiasm is great and should be applauded but don’t overdo it. In a flurry to transform your life you can end up overloading yourself. Think about why you want to do something and remember that you have a certain amount of time too so choosing one great new fitness plan is better than unrealistically trying to workout in too many different ways.
  4. Choose the right timing: New Year’s Eve might be the last day of December but that does not necessarily mean that come the morning you’ll be ready to start your new life. In fact, this can often be bad timing, especially if you had a late night the evening before and are in need of comfort food and lounging. Everybody has different schedules and life events so choose an opportune time within January to get going.
  5. Think about the how: Once you have some targets in mind it’s really important to think about the practicalities of how you are going to go about achieving them. This factor can help you fine-tune your health and fitness goals too. If you want to condition your body or slim down then you might choose a certain workout over another. Look into fitness solutions before you start so you’re ready and well-prepared.
  6. Make your thoughts visible: Seeing is believing and writing down resolutions in a place where you can see them mean you have a constant reminder. This doesn’t have to be done in a dour way either. Attractive presentations of each resolution pinned to a noticeboard can act as a friendly reminder of what you are aiming for.
  7. Be positive: You might want to shape up because you’re lifestyle has left a lot to be desired as of late but don’t beat yourself up. It’s natural, healthy and positive to make changes and as you evolve it’s far better to acknowledge your achievements than lament on how far you still have to go. You have to be your own best support.
  8. Share your wishes: Some people talk nonstop about how they’re going to workout x amount of times per week and achieve such and such a goal by such and such a time.Overspilling like this can have a detrimental effect and dilute the strength of your convictions. However, choosing to share your resolutions with others, especially those who you do not want to let down, can safeguard against lack of motivation.

How do you plan to keep to your resolutions this coming year? Share your ideas with us or contact us to safeguard against failure with a motivating solution.

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