Moving forward by looking back

2013Jan03_Motivation_AThere’s no doubt that the best way to reach a destination is by taking  one step at a time rather than running backwards to see where you just came from. Having said that, sometimes it does pay to look back along the road you’ve travelled as  it can give you clues as to where to go in the future. What have these philosophical sentiments have to do with your physical fitness?  Well  if  you want to make fitness plans in 2013 that take you in the right direction, then quite a lot!

Do you want to have a fitter, healthier lifestyle in 2013? Of course you do, it’s what everyone wants at New Year, especially after the indulgences of the festive season.  But  think, how you are feeling now in the first week of January is probably not so dissimilar to how you felt 12 months ago in 2012. Well, that year has gone, let’s make this one count! There are a few things you can do to break the cycle of making the same future plans, year on year, with little progress:

Changing resolutions – Look at what your resolutions were last year and what they are this year and compare them. Take note of if they’re the same or if you have changed your focus or your fitness goals in any shape or form. Being able to see this continuum or acknowledge how you might have changed in the last year is a healthy way to take stock of where you are at.

How resolute were you? – Some people make a real point of saying that they don’t believe in resolutions but having a plan of action for your health and fitness in the future and date to set to them to is useful. And you don’t have to think of this as some cliched set of New Year resolutions but a beginning-of-the-year action plan. Look at the start of 2012 and at how determined you were from the start. What can you do to make your strategy more concrete? Writing down your 2013 fitness goals might help.

Fitness failings – Be honest but don’t feel guilty and beat yourself up about how you might have failed to fulfil your fitness plans. Don’t make excuses either. Take an objective look at what went wrong or why a good idea didn’t materialize in reality or why you got sidetracked perhaps along the way to reaching your target. Understanding why you didn’t achieve what you wanted to can help you take the steps to avoid similar pitfalls in 2013.

Past successes – Look at what you did achieve in 2012. You might have made great strides in an area that wasn’t part of your initial resolutions but that doesn’t matter. Seeing positive progress and how it played out is an important part of your past to take with you into the present moment and as a result, the future. Having some idea of why you some plans fell by the wayside while others gathered speed is a healthy analysis.

Do things differently – People get stuck in a cycle of doing things in the same way. As Albert Einstein once pointed out, stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. It’s amazing how many people do just this though. Armed with hindsight of 2012, you can make adjustments, whether to your motivation, schedule, or life-work balance to find the path of least resistance to a fitter 2013.

Do you need help making sure you start 2013 in the best possible state-of-mind for fitness success? We can help you make the necessary changes, finding the right exercises and workout to suit your needs, as well as supporting and encouraging you along the way for the year to come. Get in touch.

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