Working up to your next holiday treat

working_up_holidayIt might seem a little early in 2013 to be thinking about holidays. In fact, after what was an exhausting run up to the end of the year the sheer thought of vacations and vacation planning might make you feel slightly faint. However, once you’ve recovered from New Year you can use use planned holidays and weekends away to motivate you to get in shape. Not only that but have you considered a vacation that is based around a sport, activity or physical pursuit? It might be just what the New Year ordered.

Whatever age you are or whatever your approach to getting and staying fit, you probably need an incentive and some type of reward scheme along the way. It’s not so much self-bribery as a sweetener to get you moving. If you are planning trips away to look forward to throughout the year then you can use these these excursions and adventures in several different ways that all benefit your health and fitness levels.

Rewarding trips
This might not work with your main holiday of the year, but using days out or even weekends away, as rewards for reaching fitness goals, can really make you determined to give it your all and pull out all the stops. Of course you do need to be flexible and while you can plan ideas ahead of time you really can’t set the trip time rigidly. The key to this working is that you are strict about only giving the treat of a trip if you have absolutely reached the target you set yourself. Don’t just concentrate on the end-game though as small outings for small successes as part of a wider fitness strategy work best.

Working up to vacations
Money might be tight for many households but people are still spending on fitness and on leisure too. You might have made some adjustments such as more mini-breaks over the year rather than a lavish tropical extravagance. Whatever vacation time you are booking ahead, use this date as a marker for reaching a specific goal. If your holiday includes beach time or some sporting action then you might be even more inclined to make sure you look good and that your body’s well-conditioned. Build a fitness strategy that acknowledges these vacation times and incorporates them into your plan.

Activity holidays
You don’t have to climb every mountain to have an active holiday. It might be a case of visiting a location offering sightseeing fun that keeps you on the go. Activity-based day trips are a great way to mix in some stretching and body conditioning in between laid-back sun lounger days. You might enjoy a holiday that is totally geared around an activity, such as walking or skiing. All you need to do is make sure you find out what the trip entails and what fitness level it is appropriate for.

Keeping up the momentum of some exercise at least while you’re away from working out at home will help you ease back into your routine once you return. It also means that you’re not letting all the hard work you’ve put into your workouts come undone while you’re away.

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