Long term life plan vs short term fads

2013Jan09_Motivation_BThe big problem with New Year resolutions is that few people see them out. Even with the best intentions, over 70% of people have let their fitness resolutions fall by the wayside by mid February. With so many people focusing on getting fit, training or losing weight it seems like there is a will but somehow this gets lost along the way. The answer? What you need is a life plan that lasts, not a short-term flight of fancy.

It’s important not to be a commitment-phobe when it comes to your physical fitness. You might be full of the enthusiasm, drive and focus during the initial honeymoon period but most people soon start to waiver and shift their interest elsewhere when they find it is a little harder going than expected. Instead of looking at the part they’ve had to play in the resolution break-down, or entertain the idea that perhaps it wasn’t right for them, they all too often let their new exercise regime simply fizzle out.

Fickle flights of fancy
Human nature is often fickle and you shouldn’t feel a failure if you start off your fitness resolutions with a pure heart but soon neglect them. You’re not alone! Resolutions by their very nature are often about making big declarations without an understanding or realisation of what a massive commitment it can be. They are often made at the end of the year when when guilt about your fitness or diet indiscretions come to the fore, in the orgy of eating and drinking that marks the festive season. So your pledges to change can often be rebound rules rather than real resolutions.

Are you ready to commit?
Deciding that you are going to embrace a life plan for a fitter, healthier life is about really integrating certain activities into your routine, along with lifestyle changes. Gone are the fickle fads ¬†and instead you have solid goals you want to reach and ongoing milestones you want to pass. That’s not to say that this can’t be a dynamic, seat-of-your-pants exercise adventure. Committing to a solid plan doesn’t mean you can’t feel energized and excited.

Find your perfect match
Just because somebody is raving about something that doesn’t mean it suits you. Of course, it’s worth spreading your net wide and looking at all your options. If you narrow your ideas of fitness too much to what you think is your type then you might be missing out on discovering a brand new way of keeping fit that totally suits you and your body. There’s nothing wrong with trying out something different. A change can keep you motivated and you may even find a lifelong passion.

Settling down
Once you have found a combination of training, exercising and workouts that fits in with your fitness goals and suits you, the next step is to really settle down into a routine. If you haven’t made room for exercise in your life before or haven’t exercised for a long time then you will need to make some lifestyle changes to accommodate your new interest. Making sure you celebrate smaller goals on the way to bigger ones is a great way of keeping the fitness flame alight too.

Are you ready to take the plunge and say ‘I do’ to a new future that sees you looking and feeling better? We can fix you up with interesting workouts that will woo you.


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