Fat busting BOSU ball burners

2013Jan10_BOSU_AAs well as having its own BOSU-specific exercises, this half ball shaped fitness toy can be a great addition to a cardio workout. Much like the aerobic step prop, BOSU adds an extra level of intensity and whether you want to strengthen your core and develop greater balance, or go for it with some exercises that really work up a sweat, is up to you. With its cardio capabilities, there are some effective fat busting BOSU ball burners that can help you slim down and tone up.

Just as equipment that adds resistance can work your body that bit harder, so too can fitness props make a cardio workout be a little more demanding, or add in some extra elements. Here are five flab fighters to use with the BOSU Balance Trainer to get you started:

  1. Getting started: Any good cardio routine starts with a warm up exercise. Before you climb the cardio cliff, start by stepping up on the BOSU – ball side up – with one foot followed by the other and then stepping back down again. Build momentum and speed and try adding in a random sequence to mix up the rhythm such as double tapping one of your feet before moving, and changing which foot you start with. Try doing this over the ball, from left to right and vice versa too.
  2. Mountain climbing: Now it’s time to put some effort into it and raise your heart rate. Flip over your BOSU and drop down so you’re holding it at both sides in a push up position. With both legs stretched out behind you bring in your knee to your chest in a climbing movement. Lower and raise your other leg. Add some flow and energy with a running motion so that your legs constantly work, climbing toward some real cardio burn.
  3. Summit jumping: You’ve reached the top of your cardio workout, BOSU-style. So now you can jump up and down before coming back down again. Flip your Balance Trainer again and standing do some energetic jumping jacks and some upward jumps where you land with soft legs and go down into a squat, before using this to launch you into another leap.
  4. Crunch time: It’s time to take a lie down before you finish off your routine. Keep the BOSU ball side up and lie down on it so that your feet are firmly planted on the floor and your shoulders are raised off the floor. Use the curve of the ball to do some supportive yet effective crunches to really challenge the abs and do battle with any bulge.
  5. Skiing down: Hold imaginary ski poles (arms out in front of you, wrists facing each other with thumbs on top) and stand on the ball with slightly bent knees and feet and legs angled in a ski position. Keep your abs taut as you jump and move the angle of your body to the other side. A thrill of a ride

As well as getting your heart pumping, the BOSU ball improves balance and stamina and allows you to add a creative twist to your aerobic workout. Try being inventive and using other props such as dumbbells to mix your routine up even more and keep your body guessing. What’s your best BOSU Balance Trainer cardio move? Let us know.

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