A ‘can do’ attitude predicts lifestyle!

2013Jan16_Motivation_BWhat makes some people follow a healthier lifestyle while others seem to push lazy habits to the max? What determines who achieves positive changes and those that struggle to transform their lives? While action leads to results, certainly where exercise is concerned, it seems the seed of success if planted in your attitude. Are you a ‘can do’ type; a woulda, coulda, shoulda personality; or a believer in fate and fortune?

Everybody knows that the mind matters when it comes to how you run your life. Notice how when you’re having a bad day inside your own head, everything external becomes tainted and it affects not just how you think but what you do. Logic dictates that if you change your mindset for the better then the impact in many other areas of your life will be felt. A recent study reveals that having a ‘can do’ attitude means you’re more likely to exercise more and eat more healthily.

It’s not just about being upbeat in the face of adversity, when changes have to be made but actually believing they are possible. The Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research looked at the diet, exercise levels and personality type of over 7,000 participants. The results revealed that those who believed they were masters of their own fate had a healthier lifestyle.

Feeling in control and that you are able to manage, shape and steer your own life is a great motivator. Some people might reason that in reality your life is not in your own hands but that luck is what really makes all the difference. However, when it comes to eating healthy food, exercising, and drinking less alcohol, the lucky life attitude might not be such a charm.

What is true is that there is much emphasis on practical solutions about how to change your life out there, as well as studies highlighting why you need to exercise such and such amount, or eat such and such a diet. The importance of the psychological input you add is an interesting factor worth considering and exploring, especially if you are struggling to make the right lifestyle changes.

There is a difference between berating yourself for not living up to your own expectations and standards, and truly believing you can make changes for the better. Those who really feel the answers rest with them, might find the challenge to keep healthy a little easier. However,  those who doubt their own power can still lock into their inner reserves and find the right motivation to change their habits and their way of thinking too.

Put your ‘can do’ attitude in the right hands and find a fitness workout to match your beliefs, so that your energy and enthusiasm goes in the right direction. Get in touch if you want to learn how to take control of your exercise routine rather than leave it to be whatever it will be, regardless of what you actually want deep down.

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