Slow down for longer lasting results

2013Feb01_Motivation_BGood things might come to those who wait, but the fact is that the modern world is a think, click, receive one and many people are used to getting what they want quickly. With technology speeding up the way we work, live and play, it’s easy to get into a mentality of wanting things either right now or yesterday. While convenient, impressive and arguably progressive, we’ve got out of the habit of putting in work and waiting to reap the benefits. However, when it comes to fitness going slow might be the answer for faster and longer lasting results.

It’s no longer a click of a button to get what you want these days but more of a stroke of a screen. If you’ve suddenly come to the realization that you want to get fit and transform your body then the chances are that your enthusiasm is wanting you to see changes immediately. However, before you rush headlong into a certain exercise routine or become frustrated and the lack of overnight metamorphosis, consider slowing down.

Burning fat more than carbs
While overall you will probably end up burning more calories in a high intensity workout, you might not know that low intensity exercise burns more fat than carbohydrates. Since fat has twice the number of calories, you might be surprised how many calories you’re burning up without burning out.

It is the case of the Tortoise and the Hare. While you want to get off to a good start the problem some people have is that they overdo it to begin with. This can be the intensity of one type of training, or trying to fit in every exercise possible, to cover all ground. While enthusiasm and action is great, if you go over the top you’re in danger of losing momentum, making you feel like you can’t do any more. Slow down to reach your fitness goals in a measured, controlled way.

Slow movement awareness-based exercise
If you have an injury or are not used to working out, you may find that adding an element of awareness into your exercise helps you connect with your body. This can help you in the long-run, not only in terms of overcoming pains and injuries, but preventing further injury in the future. Intuition and instinct are important elements to bring into fitness and can become good tools in deepening and expanding your regime, once you have spent time building this inner-relationship.

Good form
You can workout as hard as you like but with the wrong posture you’re simply not going to be burning as many calories as you could. If you are moving your body in new ways, or following an exercise plan, then it is worth being patient at the start and learning the correct way to pose, move and align your muscles. Not only might you be able to progress further but you are instigating more effective exercise too.

Making smart choices
If you rush into one type of class or training then you might not be making the best choice for your body, your fitness goals, or your psyche. What suits one person doesn’t necessarily suit someone else. What type of instructor, fitness strategy and support do you want and need? If you just accept the best from a place that hasn’t sold you their guarantee of quality, then you can hardly complain when you realize you’re not getting the best fitness guidance. Make smart choices. Speak to instructors and find out what you can achieve and what is expected of you.

A lifestyle change not a fad
The reason many people fail in achieving their fitness goals is because they have an idea or two in their mind and expect to be able to get to realize that quickly, before getting back to ‘normal’ life. Fitness is about looking at your whole lifestyle and seeing how you can adapt over the long term. Looking for short term solutions is a surefire way to not succeed.

Motivation is not sustained by a whim, however energetically pursued at the start.  Expect to have challenges along the way and to have to put in hard work too. A more honest and realistic approach can make fitness a positive part of your life. Are you ready to slow it down to find quick results?

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