10 Wrong Boot Camp warning bells!

2013Mar18_BootCamp-BHave you ever had a bad Boot Camp experience? Have you been put off the whole idea and yet keep hearing people say how great this intensive training can be? Are you not sure if it is the Boot Camp or where you’re coming from that’s the problem? Whatever the situation, were you aware of the classic indicators that a Boot Camp is either not up to par, or certainly not right for you?

There’s no worse feeling when you’re trying to get fit to find yourself in a situation where it just doesn’t seem to be working out or happening quite as you like. The result can be fear of failure, a lack of self-confidence, as well as missing out on quality training. Here’s how to spot when a Boot Camp has gone wrong for you so that you don’t make that mistake and know what to look for when you venture into this style of training again:

  1. Injuries – If you or people around you are suffering from injuries this is obviously not a good sign. What it means is that not enough care is going into making sure you do movements correctly, or there are too many high-impact exercises.
  2. Feel uncomfortable – Your gut instinct counts for a lot. Fitness is about connecting your mind and body, not just looking buff. Whether you feel uneasy about the Trainer, any other people who you might be training with you, or perhaps the environment, then accept that and don’t over persevere.
  3. Unqualified Instructor – As Boot Camps and personal training have become more popular more centers are running these group and one-on-one sessions. However, there are more than just a few who lack not only the right certifications to do this specialized training properly, but have hardly any experience either. The only one who will suffer will be you if you stick with this pseudo-setup.
  4. Wrong level – If you feel overstretched, or not challenged enough, then this is going to affect the results that you get as well as your motivation level. Boot Camps should accommodate your age, ability and fitness levels.
  5. No personalization – Unless you are in a one-on-one session, you might not receive a total customized plan, and this is one reason why private or small group Boot Camps are popular. Whatever the setup, you want to feel that what you are doing is being acknowledged, monitored and responded to and that you are not ignored. Some individual attention at least should be expected!
  6. One-trick pony – Some Boot Camps make the mistake of throwing in a few classic Boot Camp style exercises, such as squats and pushups without any real thought as to what the focus is. Others, concentrate on building up bulk, or losing weight, whereas others concentrate on endurance and strength. If there’s an unclear focus or it is lacking then you’re going to not get where you want to go or get to the wrong fitness destination entirely.
  7. Fear not motivation – Some Instructors take the notion of military Boot Style training to heart and instil trepidation rather than trials and tribulations in fitness cadets. Fear leads to dread and this in turn leads to finding excuses not to go. Discipline and accountability are worthwhile though as these can be great motivating factors.
  8. No progress – Of course you can’t expect to transform overnight but making no progress is a sure sign that something is amiss. Unless you have a real understanding of fitness you might struggle to work out what is wrong. The best thing to do in this situation might be to simply walk away.
  9. No nutritional support – Exercise does not stand apart from what you are doing with the rest of your life. While Boot Camp might focus primarily on fitness and working out, if there’s no guidance on lifestyle changes and nutrition then this means you’re only really being offered half the chance to make a difference. Boot Camps need to be all-encompassing to really work effectively!
  10. Instructor looks unhealthy! – Have you ever been to a salon and run out the door after being confronted with a crazily coiffured hairdresser? It’s the same with Boot Camp, if your Instructor looks unfit and unhealthy then that’s hardly a good advert for the specialist services they offer! Don’t be frightened of judging, the proof is in the pudding, and if your Instructor looks like one then their training acumen might be off.

Can you think of any other wrong Boot Camp danger signs? Do you have any interesting and funny stories about Boot Camp experiences? Drop us a line and let us know!

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