Banish unhealthy negatives!

2013Apr03_Motivation_ANegative vibes, influences and relationship dynamics. Call it what you will, but the fact is that someone else’s attitude, moods and the way they interact with you can have a huge impact on your thoughts and feelings. When it comes to taking a detour toward a healthier path in life you might need to make some big lifestyle changes along the way. Along with this you might find that you need to get rid of any emotional excess baggage in your life that is weighing you down and adversely affecting your positive outlook

Whether you’re making drastic changes to your exercise plan and diet, or simply fine-tuning certain aspects of your life, feeling positive is vital. Motivation has to come from you and be about how you strive for personal goals for yourself, not for anyone else. However, family, friends and even work colleagues all play a supporting role and can be responsible for leading you away from the right path or keeping you going when the going gets tough. To banish unhealthy negatives you need to first need to be able to recognize them.


It’s amazing how many temptations every person is faced with each day – partners who indulge in fattening foods that tempt you too; colleagues at work who tuck into sugary snacks and offer you the same treats; and friends who encourage you to socialize at the expense of fitness sessions and working out instead. So bring awareness into what you do and don’t just follow the same old routines. Step back and look at choices you make rather than simply going with the flow mindlessly!

Others resist change

As you make differences in your life, you may notice that resistance does not just come from the ‘old’ you but also from some of those people around you. For those who know and care about you as you are, your big life changes might be harder for them to adapt to than it has been for you. While you might be working on a health and fitness plan that changes your lifestyle, if it impacts others, they may take time to get used to it. Be firm and remember it’s your life!

Change in your reflects on others

When you make a positive change in your life, this often has a domino effect, causing other people to look at their own lives. Some might try to knock your motivation to make themselves feel better about not making changes themselves. Often this is done subconsciously rather than with any  malicious intent. Your positivity will no doubt inspire some so keep helping other people initiate change too!


Life is about growing and that means that you need to be willing to adapt and develop. Part of that process means letting go of old ideas, values and perhaps even certain ways of living. If you’re about to embark on a new chapter in your life, you might find that some people naturally move out of your life if what they represent is not supportive to the emerging you. Accept and embrace that you might outgrow situations and people and trust in the positive aspects of change!

Affection and good intentions

Sometimes joking and teasing about personal issues can upset other people, even if there is no bad intent. Often, those close to you might not even be aware of when their comments come across as critical rather than motivating. If you feel that somebody’s attitude is really bothering you then a kind word in their ear about how they sometimes make you feel might be in order!

Adding in positives

One of the best ways of banishing unhealthy negatives is to make a concerted effort to add in some positives. Rather than focus on what is knocking your motivation levels, try spending more time with people who are like-minded, supportive and feel good enough about themselves for it to rub off on you!

The first positive step to make is getting rid of any internal negative feelings about making changes to your life. Have you got a health and fitness plan in place?

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