Putting the power into Power Yoga!

2013Apr03_PowerYoga_ADo you like the idea of yoga but don’t think that it can burn off the calories and fat like a session in the gym? Well, the sweatily intense world of Power Yoga may be for you! Picture the perfect Yogi. A loinclothed man of wisdom, sitting in contemplation, seeking higher truths and as serene as a hindu cow. Well this may be the popular image of the Yogi but it is a long way from the increasingly popular world of modern Power Yoga which, since the 90s, has offered a newer, sweatier twist on this ancient practice.

Few people would argue about the health benefits of practicing yoga. This ancient form of exercise helps keep the body supple and strong, increase mindfulness and decrease blood pressure among many other things. As it is often ¬†performed as a series of static poses, yoga does not seem to offer a great cardiovascular workout when compared to more vigorous forms of exercise. These days, people feel that if they’ve not got sweaty and out of breath through intense exercise, that they have are not reaping the full exercise benefit. This is especially true in the modern world where sedentary jobs offer little room for movement for much of the day.

With the development of Power Yoga, people are now getting more of a whole-body workout in their yoga sessions. The pace is much faster as you move between postures more quickly, keeping the body moving. and the heart beating faster.

Power Yoga does not stray too far from its ancient roots. It is closely modelled on Ashtanga practice, which involves synchronising the breath with a progressive series of postures aimed at improving circulation, strengthening the body and calming the mind. Power Yoga sticks to the basic Ashtanga principles but takes a more fitness based approach. However, there is no strict routine for any Power Yoga session. A class offered in one studio might differ from one down the road. For example, some teachers like to increase the heat in the studio to get you sweating, others keep it cool. You might follow a strict routine or mix it up and do something different in each session. But there are certain benefits to expect in Power Yoga, whatever approach your teacher takes.

Calorie burn: Because you are moving swiftly between poses you are getting an aerobic workout that keeps your heart rate up and ensures you burn off excess calories in each session.

Increased flexibility: The postures used in Power Yoga help to stretch tendons and muscles over time, and make you less susceptible to injury when doing other sports.

Increased metabolism: Because of its focus on different areas, and particularly to core muscles and the abdomen, yoga can help speed up your metabolism. Power Yoga increases your heartbeat rate, improves circulation and boosts the immune system.

Stress relief: Any vigorous exercise can help you feel calmer and more stress free but Power Yoga is particularly effective, as the combination of controlled breathing and mindfulness helps you take control of your thoughts and work problems through while your body works out.

Power Yoga has benefits over all-out-cardio exercises as it doesn’t focus only on burning calories but also helps you to improve your core muscles and build lean muscle. The fact it increases your metabolism too also means it is effective for burning off fat, and not merely your excess energy. Just one of two sessions of Power Yoga a week will really be a great addition to your workout routine and strengthen muscles for other forms of exercise. If you are a regular runner or perhaps a weight lifter, you will find that the stretching and muscle lengthening that occurs naturally in Power Yoga can help stretch your tendons back out and stop you getting strained in future.

By putting a new spin on an ancient practice, Power Yoga offers a truly modern exercise that offers all the health and stress release of Ashtanga Yoga with the calorie busting and heart beating benefits of an-all-out cardio session.

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