10 Diet changing tips!

2013Apr12_Diet_Nutrition-BWe all know the old saying that “tomorrow never comes.” And perhaps this is why so many of us occasionally catch ourselves swearing to change our diet, lose weight and make all manner of healthy transformations…tomorrow! While the effects of change might not be felt or seen overnight, and real change can take time, there’s no time like the present to put a plan into effect and change your diet for the better and for good!

Why is it that people talk about changing their diet, or going on a calorie-controlled diet, only to either never get started, or to cave into cravings before they see results? If you are a person who can relate to food failures, then here are some quick fire tips on how to change your eating plan without making a meal out of how you go about it:

  1. Loaded cabinets: If your kitchen cupboards are overflowing with rich and tasty goodies then even with the best will in the world you’re going to find it nigh on impossible not to submit to temptation. Don’t over think about it, just clear out your refrigerator  freezer and pantry of anything that screams ‘eat me.’ You don’t need to be a nutritionist to know that a double chocolate muffin is not part of a healthy eating plan!
  2. Wot no food?: Ironically, leave a cupboard bare and you’re potentially more likely to run out to the nearest shop, restaurant or take-out, for a quick fix of fattening foods. What you need is healthy choices that are readily available. No food doesn’t mean you’ll eat less but that you might binge or make bad choices when you’re really hungry and therefore eat what you want rather than what you need.
  3. Get real!: It’s likely you see yourself each and every day. This means that you get used to the way you look, hence the classic shock factor when you look at holiday snaps that reveal a person who looks like you but whom you can’t really recognize  Being objective about such a subjective topic as your self-image, is not always easy. Even those who are self-flagellating might be either going over the top or focusing criticism in the wrong direction. Getting a real assessment of your health and of your weight and statistics, etc. is one of the most effective ways to really measure up where you are at.
  4. Deal breakers!: In life it is sometimes useful to have no-compromise zones. Dieters are constantly making deals and bargains with themselves, which rarely pay off in the best way. You might save yourself time and trouble if you simple set certain no-go zones and deal breakers. For example, no fast food, meals out or processed foods could be an initial deal breaker if you want to lose weight. Clear rules are often easier to follow than suggestions that can be ignored.
  5. What do you want?: It’s amazing how many people start out on a journey with a strategy where there is no end-goal in site. It’s harder to pinpoint milestones along the way if you don’t know where you are going. Forget woolly notions too. If you want to lose weight then determine how much and in what time frame. Be realistic about what you really really want and don’t simply repeat vague notions that you think you should be thinking and feeling.
  6. Exercise!: If you workout then your body needs fuel and if you exercise then you can burn off calories and lose weight, as well as tone your body and strengthen your muscles too. You don’t have to be mean with your portion sizes if you want to be lean, as long as you are working up an appetite and then working off your meal times too.

What are you doing to change your diet? Do you need some help getting in shape and shedding some excess baggage? Expert help can fastrack you to freedom from fat!

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