Love is…working out together!

2013Apr18_CouplesActivity_AIt’s often joked, that over time, many dog owners begin to resemble their beloved pets. Whether there’s any truth in that or not, the fact is that if you spend a lot of time with a loved one, you’ll soon adopt some of their traits and lifestyle habits whether they are healthy or not, as the case may be. But something that you can share together to get positive results and set you on the path for a healthier way of living, could be working out together!

Love is…sharing the same values. But you might also want to work on sharing the same ideas about looking after your health. A healthy outlook for individuals and couples alike, can lead to a positive mental attitude about life in general. However, if you’re debating whether you want to actually work up an exercise sweat with your nearest and dearest then here are a few benefits that might make you want to hold hands and take a trip down the road to healthier living together:

  • Emotional support – If you want to make big changes to how you exercise then this may involve having to face where you are at now and really tackle a challenge. This might require you to make some massive changes in your lifestyle, so having someone to encourage and motivate you along the way is priceless. Couples who work out together can offer each other this psychological backup!
  • Quality time – ¬†When it comes to spending valuable time with someone you care about, it is quality not quantity that matters. Living in someone’s pocket isn’t the secret to success in any relationship. However, shared experiences and aiming for a goal together can be a great way to feel close to somebody and really develop your understanding of each other. Exercising takes you away from the usual partner interactions into a different zone altogether. Something everyone in a partnership can benefit from!
  • Curb temptation – If you and your loved one are on a healthy track together then you might find it easier to resist unhealthy snacks or lazy behaviour along the way. Not only is it easier to say ‘no’ or turn away from temptation but being in it together means that you’re less likely to tempt each other as well. Your partner will help deflect outside influences, and your shared working out sessions will provide a natural barrier to you corrupting each other too.
  • In-sync lifestyle – There’s nothing wrong with having a different personality and persona to that of your loved one, or diverse interests. However, what creates stress and can be hard work is if your lifestyles are totally out of sync with each other. Working out together can be a great way to bring you both back to basics and to a grounded, commonality that helps with the flow of both of your lives.
  • Feel good praise factor – It’s wonderful if somebody compliments you or has some positive feedback or observations about you they want to share. This is especially true when the comments are coming from somebody you admire and respect, such as a qualified personal trainer or instructor. But hearing praise from your partner makes you instantly feel good because of the emotional bond. If you are working out together and facing individual challenges that the other person understands, then any pat on the back is going to feel awesome!

The first step to working out together is to find the right time slot, environment and training sessions. This can be easier said than done with so many facilities offering specific type of expert trainers, equipment and experience. We can help you find a fitness solution that you can share with your fitness buddy, so that you can both get started and prove that love is…working out together!

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