Workout journeys for new seasons!

2013Apr19_Travel_Vacations_AAs the seasons change at home, you might decide to jet off to sunnier or perhaps cooler climes depending where you are. However, whichever part of the world you happen to reside in, and  whatever travels you might have planned, is it time to take your workout on a journey? Perhaps you want an exercise plan that fits in with how you are feeling each season, and how your lifestyle differs in different climates.

A change of season, whether that is the new life that spring brings or the closing of the year as autumn turns to winter, heralds not just a change in wardrobe but in your lifestyle too. You might want to move forward, or at least in a different direction, with your workout and fitness routine too, to match the seasons, the change in your routine and perhaps the holidays as well.


This is the season of new beginnings and life, after the months of cold. Everything seems to emerge anew and refreshed at this time of year and it is a great time to really reinvigorate your activities and your exercise plan too. If you’ve been doing the same workout for a while now, you might want to spring clean and throw out exercises that are no longer working.  You could also bring in some totally different routines to breathe new life into your usual fitness program.

Extend this ‘seize-the-moment’ feeling with a short holiday or long weekend that includes lots of activities.


Lounging in the shade, holidays by the beach and fun in the sun, are what summer is about. When temperatures go up, the last thing you feel like doing is running around outside. So instead, head for air-conditioned fitness facilities where you can work up a sweat rather than fighting to beat the heat.

Summer holidays away from your usual routine might mean you’re not able to workout in the way that you’re used to. So think about what you can do rather than what you can’t. Swimming is a great exercise and if you are in the sea or in an outdoor pool, it is even more exciting. And if you are heading to the coast, even strolls along the beach can get your muscles moving.

Keep in shape before summer comes so that you can look good, as well as feel comfortable and relaxed in your beachwear.


As the weather cools you can enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s not hot enough to make you just want to lie around feeling lazy and it’s not cold enough to see you head for the warmth of  a cozy bed or sofa instead of working out. As the seasons progress, this is a time to really look at where you are going and where you have come from, in terms of your fitness. Is what you are doing working? Are you reaching your goals or have you veered off track? Allow for adjustments, change and reflection.

Take advantage of sunny, crisp mornings to really start the day in good spirits. Add long country walks to your free time schedule as well as dedicated exercise sessions. But if you are running in the fall, watch out for wet leaves along your route, they can be more lethal than ice when it comes to slipping!


It’s understandable that ice, snow and freezing weather conditions make you want to hibernate. Nobody wants to strip off and start jumping around in the cold and wet, and it’s easy to let good habits slide and your fitness levels to freeze. Make sure you warm up and use this time to focus in on specific areas too, perhaps with a slower, more concentrated approach. Exercise and a good hot shower can warm you up and stop you getting that sluggish feeling that cold weather often brings.

Skiing, snowboarding and even snowball games, make the cold season an action packed fun-fest. If you’re wrapped up warm then there’s no reason winter should stop you in your tracks.

Work with your travels and the seasons and enjoy the varying landscape and experiences that your workout brings, whatever the weather.

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