The pull of Power Yoga!

2013May14_PowerYoga_ADo you believe in the benefits of yoga but want an exercise class that packs a little more punch when it comes to raising your heart rate and working up a sweat? Do you like the challenge and vigor of a classic aerobic exercise class but want to address other health and fitness needs? If so, think about trying a session of Power Yoga. This mix of Ashtanga and Iyengar offers the perfect balance to anyone wanting to mix it up and not follow the traditional rules of either yoga or fitness classes but enjoy the benefits of both. But what really is the pull of Power Yoga?

It might have been around for decades but really Power Yoga is a relative newcomer when it comes to exciting, interesting ways to keep fit. What’s different about Power Yoga classes is that they don’t all follow the same format, far from it. While there might be general principles, exercises and routines, the only way to really find out if a Power Yoga class if for you is to join in and find out for yourself. Teachers tend to adapt classes and bring in their own style. So what’s the appeal of Power Yoga? Aside, from all the many benefits that yoga offers practitioners, there are a few specific advantages that give Power Yoga it’s real strength.

East meets West combo

Power Yoga was designed to take all the great aspects of yoga practice and make them accessible to Westerners wanting a more dynamic class. Power Yoga offers you a great cardio workout, without short-changing you on the benefits of yoga. If you think that Power Yoga is aerobics dressed up like yoga then think again. It is yoga adapted to include more vigorous exercises. Unlike more traditional forms of yoga, you can really work up a sweat.

Focus on the physical

Because it challenges your body with a more energetic, total body workout that really strengthens the core, Power Yoga attracts those whose main concern is their physical fitness rather than mental health. There is an element of bringing together body and mind but most people join classes because of the emphasis on toning the body.

Slow power stamina

Power Yoga encourages you to flow into different poses continuously, while using controlled breathing and holding postures. This not only builds strength but the invigorating energy that is involved, along with these steady positions, enhances endurance levels and increases stamina.

No jumping around

There’s something of a misconception that Power Yoga is about high-energy aerobic-style fast movement and doesn’t take into account the precision and finesse of age-old yoga poses. Nothing could be further from the truth. Power Yoga works by moving from pose to pose in a seamless, graceful way and building core strength and energy reserves through positions that dynamically challenge the body. If you don’t like to move around too much to keep fit but still want to feel a cardio burn then Power Yoga is ideal.

No chanting or meditation

While Power Yoga has been developed with the principles of interconnectedness in mind, it can be a real bonus to some that there is no chanting or meditation. It might be difficult for more committed yoga practitioners to see this as a plus point but surely any yogi would agree that it’s best to choose a practice that you feel comfortable with and not worry about being judged. If you don’t want to mediate but want the benefits of yoga poses and breathing techniques then Power Yoga is a strong choice.

Stretching and breathing for flexibility

Walk out of a Power Yoga class and you’ll feel taller, supple and far more flexible. Classes can really loosen the limbs! The focus on stretching out the body and concentrating on deeper breathing works wonders on the whole body. In addition, while some poses may at first be uncomfortable and really challenge the body, as you continue to practice, you can really reap flexibility as the reward for your perseverance.

Sweating out toxins!

Yoga is like an internal massage and it stimulates the body to eliminate toxins. By adding in some energy to the flow of Power Yoga, your practice can really help to speed up and improve this function, leaving you feeling lighter and more alert than you did before you started.

What have you heard about Power Yoga? Do you have any questions? We can give you a lowdown on what to expect from our yoga classes.

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