Older, wiser, fitter? No excuses!

2013May21_SeniorActivity_AIt’s easy to come up with exercise excuses at any age but the older you get the wiser you should be about not using them. However, there has traditionally been an attitude that one of the plus points of growing old gracefully, or disgracefully, is that you didn’t have to worry about keeping in shape and maintaining fitness levels. However, nowadays people are working longer, living longer and want to be fit and healthy longer. Are you using your age to let yourself go and lead a less than active life? You should know better at your age!

Senior, elderly, the golden age, the grey generation; whatever you want to call those at retirement age and beyond, the concept of being ‘old’ is ever-shifting and has become a word only associated with those in their 80s, and even then, there’s stories of parachute jumping octogenarians that would make some of the younger generation look perfectly sloth-like.

However, if you’ve found that you are settling lazily into your adult years they you might find that each year brings an ever increasing middle-age spread. ┬áIs it time to ask yourself if you’re making any of these ancient excuses?

  • Can’t do attitude: ‘I would if I could but I can’t’…perhaps not but are you sure? Are you sure that it’s not a curmudgeonly attitude that is stopping you in your tracks? Do you remember when you were young and positive? When you knew you could do something because you believed you could? Have you lost that believing feeling and replaced with with a negative outlook instead? It’s easy to focus on all the things you can’t do but what about the activities that you can?

  • Old dog, new tricks!: There’s nothing wrong with liking what’s familiar but there’s never an age when you can’t experience something interesting, exciting and new. Fitness has come a long way over the years the the knowledge and experience that you can benefit from is different than it once was. You don’t have to suddenly start doing backflips but just to open your mind to new ideas.

  • It’s too late: Too late for what? Too late to win an Olympic gold medal? Perhaps. Too late to make a difference? Not at all! There’s lots of evidence to suggest that exercising when you are older can have a really positive impact on longevity and quality of life. Don’t think that exercising when you’re younger is the only activity that counts.

  • I’m not vain: Even if you embrace your physical flaws and the ageing process then think about your health, the relationships that are important to you and the lifestyle you want to sustain. Keeping fit is not about putting pressure on yourself but enjoying life.

  • I have an active life already: You may well be a real busy bee and that’s great. However, getting professional exercise help or getting involved in fitness that is focused on you and your age and abilities is a great way to make sure you’re moving in the best way possible.

  • Doctor! Doctor!: If you feel that you are simply not fit enough to exercise, because of an injury or illness then you do need to make sure that any activities you do are given the green light by a medical professional. In many ways, this is a real reason to seek help from a fitness expert too, to reduce the risk of injury, for example, and exercise safely. Fitness can be about recovery and rehabilitation too.

While there’s no doubting that age can impact your health and fitness levels, it doesn’t define every aspect of you. At the same time you do need to work with trainers who understand your unique, individual needs. Get in touch and find out how to be older, wider and fitter!

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