Why it’s all about ME!

2013May21_Motivation_BEspecially with the advent of social media and the expansion of the coverage of everything celebrity, it’s easy to get lost in what everyone else is doing rather than yourself. Isn’t it easier to look at others sometimes and comment on how they’re doing rather than look to yourself and your own mix of strengths and weaknesses? If you get caught up in comparing yourself to others or what other people say you should be like, rather than looking at what you want for yourself, then it’s time to focus in on you and declare: ‘It’s all about ME!’

If you look around you will always come across people who are thinner, fitter and seemingly more successful than you. Or you might be one of those people who feel better about yourself by criticizing others and thinking ‘well at least I’m not like them!’ If you look you shall find but when it comes to where you’re at in life and how you feel about yourself then the answers are closer to home. Here’s how to find motivation to get fit, exercise and eat healthily then focus on what you’re about.

  • My physical status: Forget looking at the dramatic weight gains and losses of people you don’t know in magazines. Do you really know your own weight and body fat ratio? What about your BMI? Don’t guess as you might not have an accurate picture of yourself. If you don’t know where you’re at then find out. Get an assessment and some outside help from health and fitness experts. If you don’t know what you’re dealing with then how are you going to make effective change?

  • My exercise status: Forget wishlists and what you were like 10, 15 or 20 years ago. Admit to yourself what exercise you do and how much. Sit down with a pen and paper and write this down along with your physical status. You might be surprised at how much or how little exercise you do, or identify types of exercise that you’re missing out on.

  • My lifestyle: Over the years work, life and family shape the way you live your life. Before you know it time has passed and you have a way of living that you might feel that you didn’t necessarily choose, or one that evolved rather than created. At times it’s worth taking a big step back and looking with fresh eyes at how you spend your time. Look at your work-life balance and how you spend your leisure time. Right a list of lifestyle changes you’d like to make that would inspire a healthier, fitter you.

  • My attitudes: How do you feel about health, fitness and keeping in shape? Look for opinions that go against a healthy lifestyle and could weaken your motivation. Do any of your attitudes seem outmoded or ones you want to let go from your life? It’s a sign of maturity to allow for change.

  • My excuses: Write down five real excuses that you regularly use to stop yourself from really getting fit and healthy, whether that involves more exercise or better nutrition. What impact are these having on your motivation levels? What counter-arguments can you bring to the table? Work round your excuses or make changes where necessary.

  • My goals: What do you want? This isn’t about a dream but about a realistic possibility. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim high but don’t set the bar beyond the realms of reality or you may find your motivation fades. Write down some short, medium and long term goals.

  • My strategy: Now you’ve got a better idea of where you are coming from, what your life is really about and why, as well as where you want to go, make a plan. Get out your schedule, look in your food cupboards, and write out what your strategy is to reach your goals.

Get in touch with us for the right support, guidance and professional fitness help, to keep you reaching for that fitter you!

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