Dancing with two left feet!

2013May27_DanceFitness_ADoes the gym leave you feeling confused, or simply bored and uninspired? Does the thought of intensive training make you feel tired before you’ve even started? Does hardcore fitness make you feel weak at the very thought? Before you start fretting about being a fitness failure, join the legions of people who want to keep fit but have fun while they’re doing it. Dance fitness, from Zumba, to Bollywood style, and Salsa, are so popular that they are off the fitness trend scale. However, if you’re tripping up at the word ‘dance’ you might need a little encouragement to get you started.

┬áNot only do you struggle to step to the beat but in fact you have two left feet. You want to enjoy the energy and excitement of dance fitness, such as the party atmosphere of Zumba but your history of dance moves is putting you off. If you think you can’t dance then there are many reasons why you can still put on your dancing shoes and dance yourself to fitness:

No complicated choreography

Remember this is dance fitness not dance. While the moves will be taken from dance there is less emphasis often on putting on a show-stopping number. Classes are about getting the body moving and creating natural flow that works a variety of muscles. The aim is not to master complex steps or remember long-drawn out routines.

Follow the lead

The great thing about dance fitness classes is that there is always a trainer at the front taking you through every move. Zumba teachers are certified and specially trained too, so there is real consistency in what you are being taught. You don’t have to remember a long dance routine without any guidance which really takes any performance pressure off.

Group fitness

If you’re not confident about moving your body and getting your feet to move in time too then being with other dance fitness novices can help. Make sure you go at your own pace and that the class is suited to your fitness and experience level and then you’re good to go. You don’t have to be center stage to enjoy dance!

Practice makes perfect

If you feel that you’re a little slow on the uptake when it comes to twisting and turning, classes allow you space and time to improve and do the same moves more than once. Even if you miss some steps along the way, you might be surprised at how quickly you pick it up.

Natural rhythm

The music is so energizing that the beat will pull you along, regardless of how accurate or exact your footwork is. If you let your hips move and your body sway then the rest will follow. Even if you’re not spot on with every step you’re still exercising and joining in is better than standing on the sidelines.

Good atmosphere

Getting moves wrong can be half the fun of dance fitness classes. If there wasn’t a challenge or something to really get stuck into then you might find sessions a bore. Instead, the camaraderie, lack of competition and celebratory spirit means that no matter how bad a dancer you are, you’re still going to benefit and most of all have fun!

Dance fitness is energizing and give you a boost no matter how bad your moves on the dancefloor are. When’s the last time you really let go, got lost in music and danced?

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