Mid-year check-in!

2013June11_Motivation_AIt’s coming up to the halfway mark of 2013 at the end of this month and what better time to take stock of how far you’ve come in sticking to your fitness plans for the year? Can you remember when you made those resolutions and promises to yourself, just six months ago? Have some plans for this year slipped by the wayside? If so, then fear not, with still half a year to go there’s still time to get back on track if you’ve veered off course.

Are you praising yourself on how you’ve transformed your life and stuck to your fitness goals? if so then well done! However, if the picture is less rosy then you’re not alone if you’ve not stuck to your original plan. If you want to motivate yourself to lead a fitter and healthier life for the rest of the year, then try a mid-year assessment, or do a mid-year check-in on yourself. By looking forward, and back, as well as in the here and now, you can channel the impetus to get going again.

Looking back

Spend time considering what goals you set yourself for 2013 and be honest about where you are at with them. Acknowledge the excuses you’ve made for any fitness fails or any lack of positive lifestyle changes. This might make you feel a bit down on yourself but by being open with yourself you’ll feel better and perhaps less likely to put your head in the sand in the future. Don’t change your history and pretend you never had good intentions in the first place as that’s just another way of avoiding taking responsibility for your own actions.

The main point of looking back is to positively register your achievements. Rather than focusing on how you’re not in the place you wanted to be, hone in how far you’ve come. It’s not about the distance you have to go but the distance you’ve covered. Go back six months and ask yourself what changes in your life signify a marked improvement. You can extend this beyond exercise to other areas of your life where you have experienced positive successes.

Looking at the now

While motivation to propel you forward is great, berating yourself is not. Look with open eyes at where you are and remember, as cliche as it might seem, that today is the first day of the rest of your life. Acceptance is liberating and embrace where you are, even if you are aware of where you could really make changes for the better. Decide to feel good about yourself right now. A negative mindset in the present moment is going to have repercussions for the rest of the year so make sure that you’re sending out a message today that will resonate in your future.

Looking forward

Make plans. You don’t need to scrap all the ideas you had at the beginning of the year. However, you might want to tweak them a little or add in some other conditions or totally new ideas. Nothing is set in stone but having a strategy will motivate you for the rest of the year. Don’t get distracted by where you’ve gone wrong, just focus on the future and how you can go forward in the way you want to. Maybe you will set yourself a less challenging target to lose weight than you did six months ago, or maybe your wish is to be more active at the weekends with family and friends.

Do you need to check-in and do a mid-year assessment? An experienced fitness professional might be able to help you evaluate your workout plans and lifestyle choices for the future. Get in touch!

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