5 reasons you need a massage now!

2013June18_MassageTherapy_AA lotus flower floats in a bowl of candlelit water, while soft music plays gently in the background; warm, healing hands cause your body melt into deep relaxation; thick towels and dressing gowns await with the promise of a world that’s far from the madding crowd – far from normal, noisy life! It sounds enticing doesn’t it? Indeed, to many, massage is a luxurious, spa-style ¬†pamper, reserved for special occasions and vacations. However, while a massage can be a real treat there are many reasons why this is just the type of therapy your body and mind need right now.

If you’re looking for a way of convincing yourself that you really need a massage rather than the fact that you simply want one, then perhaps just forget thinking of it as an indulgence and remind yourself of all the many benefits that a good massage brings.

  1. For therapy: There are many different types of massage, from neuromuscular massage therapy, to deep tissue massage, as well as myofascial massage, not to mention reflexology, Swedish and Shiatsu. Massage can be used as part of a rehabilitative program for so many conditions, from grappling with trigger points and easing knotted muscles, to helping relieve arthritis problems and pain through injury or fibromyalgia. Even if you have no specific ailments, the balance and postural alignment massage can benefit are reason enough.

  2. For everyday strains: Life can be tough and the challenge is not just how to live your life but also how to sooth away your everyday stresses and strains. From the moment you get up each day you are putting your body through its paces. Even when you’re relaxing or if you have a sedentary job, your body is still adjusting and accommodating to what you are doing. Stresses and strains create pains, knots and contracted, tight muscles, not to mention tension headaches. Why wouldn’t you see the value in a body-relaxing massage?

  3. To relax the mind: Massage can help ease anxiety and mental strain, as well as give your mind a rest from continuously solving the puzzles that life tends to pose. Massage can help give you focus and clarity of thought, as well as enable you to better deal with challenging situations emotionally. This is great for your peace of mind, your job and perhaps even your relationships. See massage as an investment in your mental state.

  4. To sleep: For some, sleep is the luxury, not a massage. Insomnia or a restless sleep can not only make you feel tired out but stressed, lacking in concentration and unable to deal with or approach everyday life in the way you want to. The power of touch resonates throughout your body. How much is a good night’s sleep worth? Is it really a luxury? No, it’s an essential!

  5. Once is never enough: Would anybody suggest that you only exercise once in awhile? What’s the point of that? ¬†Professionals recommend a certain amount of activity on a regular basis. You might not work a massage into your daily routine but the benefits build up and are cumulative. You don’t want to leave it too long between massages if you want to feel the full, ongoing effect.

Seeing massage as a wonderful treat is one thing but bodywork like this has so many benefits that it’s hard to think of it as an indulgence. Still need convincing? Look out for ¬†our article, ‘5 More reasons you need a massage now!’ In the meantime, ask yourself: “How could massage therapy help me?”

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