Take a fitness break at home!

2013June18_TravelVacations_AWe all need an occasional break from routine; to cut loose and recharge the batteries. But so many of us see our annual two week vacation as the only proper time to do this. Whether we head off on an action-packed adventure break or simple flop onto a beach with a book we rarely feel the benefit of such a brief break. However, if you plan properly you can enjoy that healthy holiday feeling all year round without having to get on a plane or book a hotel.

Have you ever thought about taking a break from your usual routine and doing something different instead, such as a taking up a new activity, finding a new way of keeping in shape, or perhaps even starting on a new diet and nutrition plan? Well, change is as good as a rest and one way to really refresh your whole being is by bringing a little variety and color into your life, just as you do on your annual vacation. It is a great way to start introducing a healthier routine.

Do something you wouldn’t usually do

If you’re not the type of person to go rollerblading or to jump around in a high-energy fitness class, then all the more reason to consider doing it! ¬†After all, people set their own limitations which are all too often based on habit, preconceptions and their own view of themselves, rather than their actual ability. It’s liberating to step outside that boundary. You travel to new places when you take a vacation so why not open your mind to a fitness break? That means trying something totally new and even absurdly different. Give it a go!

Take one hour

Choose one hour a week where you undertake an activity that you don’t really enjoy. It might be ironing or cleaning the house, for example. Decide that for the next month, at that specific time, you’re going to give yourself a real break. During this one hour do something enjoyable and active. Whether it’s jumping up and down on a trampoline or taking off for a bike ride round the neighborhood, it doesn’t really matter. You’ll enjoy the sense of freedom that you get from knowing that at this particular time you would ordinarily be doing something far duller. Everybody on vacation loves to remind themselves of the chores they are leaving behind – so bring this sense of escape into your life every week of the year.

Restock shop

Aside from essentials, decide that once a month you are going to buy completely different foods in your shop. What about trying something from a different country that gives your mealtimes a different flavor? You can also focus on consuming a really healthy diet and put back on the shelf any high-fat foods. You might find that you really get into looking for alternative dinner time meals and snacks. Promise yourself you’ll go for easy-to-cook, non-processed foods rather than microwave meals or complex recipes. When you go on vacation you probably love trying the local cuisine so why not bring healthy versions of a different diet into your home?

Change something small every day

When you make changes it can have a domino effect. This doesn’t have to be health or fitness related so make an effort to change the way you do something each day for a month. This could be the route you take to work. It could be where you go to eat during your lunch break and what you eat when you get there. It might be as simple as not turning on the TV until a certain time, or not using your computer at home. Making small changes can be just the leverage you need to make bigger decisions and positive differences to your lifestyle. Keeping fit might be one such thing you change.

Add in some pampering

A break isn’t a vacation unless you feel you are being indulgent. Doing new activities, ¬†changing your diet and creating some space with changes is all well and good but what you also need is some quality pampering. When was the last time you treated yourself to a massage? Or if money’s tight then what about a relaxing foot bath at home? If you want to be fitter you need to appreciate and care for your body too and what better way to do this than by pampering yourself with lotions and potions?

Suggest weekend adventures

You might already be great at taking adventurous, active daytrips at the weekend but take it up a notch and act like a tourist in your own area. Are there walks you can go on that will give you a different perspective on your neighborhood, or people and places you can visit that will give you a greater sense of where you live and what your community is about? What about doing a charity fun run or taking up an activity that helps a good cause. Tell friends and family about your plans and ask if they’d like to join you! After all, everyone like a vacation from routine!

Explore, have fun and get active with fitness and enjoy a break from your norm.

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