Motivate your fitness mojo!

2013July15_Motivation_BA big block to exercise is often not having the self-confidence to tackle working out in public, especially when it comes to group classes or even working out in a gym. Is it time you got your motivated fitness mojo? You might need some confidence building tips and encouragement to get you back into the groove of feeling good and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Those who look back nostalgically at the days when they leapt and ran about with ease, might have found that their fitness motor has ground to a halt and without it their wherewithal to get back in the driving seat of their own wellbeing. Unless you are grasping life with everything you’ve got in an enthusiastic, involved and interactive way, then your passion for an active lifestyle might have waned, leaving you not sure how to light your fire for fitness again. What you need are some top mojo inspiring fitness tips:

  1. If you ain’t got it, don’t flaunt it! – You’re already feeling self-conscious about being in a fitness environment, after making an effort to get fit again, so don’t add to your trepidation by wearing the wrong gear. When you have killer abs and taut glutes you might want to maximize your physical appeal but comfortable clothes that don’t show off every bump and lump might be the body confidence booster you need right now!

  2. Everyone starts somewhere! – Come on, don’t be so hard on yourself! If you’re not in the shape you thought you would, could or should be then deal with it and start from where you’re at. Don’t you admire people who make the effort, whatever level they’re at? Everyone loves a winner but trying is good enough to make you feel good about yourself too.

  3. You’re not alone! – There are lots of people who have lost their fitness mojo but don’t believe that this means there’s safety in numbers. Enjoy breaking through to reveal your true self: a fitter, happier, more active you!

  4. Where’s your sense of fun? – Are you negative about yourself and your failings? Or are you so dedicated to keeping in good shape that you’ve taken all the joy out of exercise? Either way, you’re not giving your fitness mojo a chance to find the right rhythm in your life so you can truly express yourself. Fitness is about a healthy body and mind which comes from balance, as well as pushing forward whilst letting go.

  5. What you in a rush for? – Okay, so you might want to train for a marathon or a triathlon, and that’s great. There’s nothing wrong in having goals and strategies. However, make sure you allow yourself to enjoy the journey along the way. Your fitness mojo needs to be fed with mini-achievements and victories before reaching the end game. If you walk before you can run you might just fall flat on your face too, which can equal a crushing defeat for your motivation levels.

  6. Information as well as intuition – When it comes to leading an active lifestyle, it’s great to respond to your experiences, preferences and personality. Letting your inner-self guide you toward interesting pursuits is about having a sense of adventure. However, there’s nothing worse than feeling that you’re flapping in the wind. Finding out about fitness and getting a plan in place, as well as understanding where you want to go, why and how, can really add some meaning to your mojo.

  7. Don’t strut your stuff! – Lack of confidence can sometimes inspire a sense of bravado, where people want to cover up their feelings of inadequacy and loom larger than life instead. Finding your fitness mojo does not mean parading over-confidently to the front of the class, or competing with others, nor does it mean trying too hard. Ease yourself into an exercise environment with quiet confidence and your mojo will work its magic.

Do you need help finding your fitness mojo and then giving it a real boost of motivation? Get in touch and we can help you rediscover your zest for keeping fit and healthy.

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