5 more reasons you need a massage now!

2013July31_MassageTherapy_ASome people see massage as a treat, almost an indulgence. This means that while the idea appeals, they might feel a little guilty about being so hedonistic. However, in ‘5 reasons you need a massage now!’ we explored how massage can be great therapy for a number of different medical issues, can ease everyday strains, relax the mind, as well as help you sleep, not to mention have a cumulative positive impact, meaning one massage is not enough. Do you need more reasons than this?

Different styles of massage are aimed at specific issues with the body and centered on a specific type of therapy or experience. It’s always useful to make sure that what you’re looking for matches up with a specific massage technique, otherwise you might find yourself having a pummelling rather than a pampering. Aside from this, here are some other reasons it might be time to book that massage now:

  1. For bliss: The fact that a massage can be just pure and simple pleasure isn’t a reason to discount. You can relax into the fact that you know each stroke is doing you good too but there’s no reason you have to have a specific ailment or need to enjoy a massage. There’s a lot to be said for the effect on your psyche and self-esteem, to do things that make you feel good, and nothing feels better than a deeply relaxing massage.

  2. For better skin: You might not immediately think of massage as having any specific effect on your face and on how old you look. But massage is fantastic for the skin and with this being the largest organ the body has then it’s a pretty good reason too. By increasing the blood flow and stimulating circulation, massage conditions your body, helping eliminate toxins. The result is fresher looking skin which is less dull and gives you a look of vitality, from the inside out.

  3. For immunity: A study published in the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine suggested that massage could have a positive impact on the immune system. Blood tested at various intervals from a group receiving massage therapy, revealed a decrease in stress-related hormones and an increase in immune-system hormones. Studies show an increase in cytotoxic capacity which involves an increase in so-called ‘killer cells’ which are crucial in immunity defence.

  4. For depression: You might come out of a massage feeling relaxed and having had all the stresses and strains of the day soothed away. However, it’s not just as simple as massage being relaxing and therefore you relaxing too. Massage works on a much deeper level than this. Massage can help lower cortisol levels which are related to stress and can impact blood pressure levels too. This accounts for massage being an ideal therapy for anxiety. However, there is also evidence that massage has an impact on neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine which are well-evidenced as being crucial elements of depressive illnesses.

  5. For whole body systems: While your circulatory system works by your heart pumping, your lymphatic system is worked through muscle contractions and your respiration. You need a good flow so that you body can carry healthy hormones to where they are needed, fight infection and get rid of toxins. This healthy flow means you can help your metabolism, ensure you don’t get blockages and sore muscles from toxin build-up, and generally support your wellbeing. Massage supports this whole system and in this respect is a crucial therapy that conditions the whole body.

If you’re not convinced of the need for a massage now, then the chances are you never will be! In many respects, massage is similar to exercise in that it supports your body’s functions and works right down to a cellular level. It doesn’t get much deeper than that!


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