Give self-confidence a healthy boost!

2013August07_Motivation_AWill power, sheer determination and an unquenchable thirst to reach a goal; all factors which stealthily motivate individuals to carry on, succeed and act as a beacon of what can be achieved if you put your mind and effort to work. However, if you’re looking for the right motivation to get fit and stay healthy then the first focus might not be on the workout but on building your self-confidence. To act in a positive way you need to feel positive about yourself and this means investing worthwhile feelings into how you see yourself.

Let’s face it, if you don’t feel at your most confident, for whatever reason, then there’s a chance that you’re not going to approach many personal tasks with the same positive, can-do attitude. It could be that you feel so very far from the goal you would like to achieve, such as losing weight or getting in shape, that you feel deflated before you even start.

Before you motivate yourself to jump into an action plan for a healthier lifestyle, you may need to give your self-confidence a healthy boost if you feel it could do with being in better shape too.

You are a success!

If you want to get fit or set a healthy goal then you might feel that you are a long way to getting to where you want to go. Not only that but the idea of keeping motivated every step of the way can feel daunting. What you need to remember is that rather than dreading your imminent failure, you could be focusing on past successes. It doesn’t have to be fitness-related but you must have set your mind to do something and achieved it in the past. Or you must have done something which you’re pleased or proud about. Go into a fitness plan with the confidence of already being a success.

I’m great because…!

If there’s always a temptation to look on the negative or ignore the positives then make a concerted effort to list your attributes. Get a pen and paper and actually write down what makes you so darn great. These might be anything from having attractive eyes to having a warm personality. Not everybody is blessed or has attained what you have so acknowledge where you are at and what the pluses are in a confident way.

You’re fallible!

And guess what? So is everybody else. It’s what is called being human. Fear of failure holds so many people back but making mistakes is part of life. When it comes to changing your lifestyle, accept that at various times of your life you’ve had different ideas, opinions and experiences and that you are constantly evolving. You will make mistakes in the future but be confident that you are trying your best and you are learning life lessons along the way. Just because you’re not at the fitness level you want to be, for example, doesn’t mean you’ll never get there.

Treat yourself!

It is not shallow to want to look your best or feel confident in your own skin. It is shallow to judge others and yourself purely on how you or they look though. Sometimes a simple hair or beauty treatment that’s a real treat can give you just the boost you need to feel good and this can impact confidence on one level. While you’re at it, is your wardrobe in need of fresh appeal too? Confidence is about investing in that body-mind connection and feeling you’re worthwhile to invest in.

Don’t self-deprecate!

It’s useful to sometimes bring your focus into being more self-aware and this also means looking at how you communicate and talk about yourself. When someone compliments you how do you react? Do you put yourself down to others because you feel you’re reflecting what they’re thinking? Do you use humor to talk negatively about yourself too much? Or are you positive, confident and modest? Sometimes lack of confidence can come out as excessive bravado too. Put a band around your wrist and snap it when you hear yourself speaking badly about yourself. This might have a drip-drip effect on your confidence in every sphere of your life.

Love what you do!

Some people can seem really lacking in motivation and zest and then suddenly come alive when they are doing something they really love. Concentrate on activities you enjoy and get involved in pursuits where you feel comfortable and in control. This can help grow confidence and may open up your mind to trying different ways of keeping fit. There’s no reason you cannot transport this enjoyment to a fitness plan. It’s just a matter of finding the right type of training.

While confidence and motivation might seem to come naturally to some, for most people this positivity springs from the right environment, experiences and approach. We can help you find a fitness plan that makes you feel confident and motivated.

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