How to get your loved one more fit!

2013August08_CouplesActivity_ADo you want to give your partner a nudge in the right direction towards living a healthier lifestyle? Or do you want to encourage him or her to set a new fitness goal or make an exercise plan? As a significant other in someone’s life, you can really make all the difference in helping your loved one get more fit. All you need is the right kind of encouragement, a positive attitude and an action plan.

It’s easy for couples to get stuck in set roles, routines and ways of being. Habits form, opinions and ways of communicating are cemented and a certain lifestyle is the result. While you might be in a healthy, exciting and rewarding relationship, there are times when consciously considering how you can really be there for somebody else, is what is needed.

If your partner is unfit, overweight or simply lacking a bit of definition, or if bad habits are firmly entrenched, then you can show your love by trying to help them turn their health and fitness around. Here’s a few ideas about how to go about it:

Healthy meal treat: Everybody loves having a meal cooked for them. There’s a comfort factor of nurturing and love that comes with a plate of food prepared by your nearest and dearest. Instead of insisting on a strict diet of spartan wholefoods in a bid to become healthier, why not cook an exciting, appetizing nutritious meal instead? Make healthy meals a treat, whether it’s visiting an interesting new restaurant or preparing a romantic meal that uses different ingredients. Make food with love and it always tastes better.

Adventure: What is it with couples and shopping? It seems some people spend their time off dragging each other round retail outlets rather than invigorating their relationship with the excitement of adventure. Go explore and experience and you’ll find that physical pursuits become a welcome challenge rather than a chore. You don’t have to travel far or to spend lots to inject a spirit of adventure into a day out and it might be just the catalyst needed to spur your partner on to keeping fit and active.

Truth and positivity: The longer you know someone the more you see their positives and also their flaws. Mix this with a comfortable familiarity and it can sometimes lead to harsh truths and criticisms. Over time this can transpire as nagging somebody for their failings. You might have the best intentions, such as trying to stop someone from damaging their health with an unhealthy habit, but unfortunately it can cause a build-up of resentment and often arguments and avoidance of issues! Be honest in a kind way with your partner and focus on positive behavior. Praise how far someone has come, not how far they have to go.

Questions and interest: When you meet a stranger and get into conversation you probably ask lots of questions and express an interest in what they are about. When you know someone pretty well, it’s easy to think that you know it all and to stop showing the objective interest that you no doubt did right at the start in the honeymoon period. Taking a step back and looking at your partner with fresh eyes can give you both a sense of renewal. Have you asked your partner about how they feel about fitness issues? Do you know if they want to make changes and how they plan to do it? What about their hopes and fears? Love is about respect and respect is about acknowledging someone else’s perspective.

Join in: Finding ways in which you can be active together is a great practical way to encourage your loved one to get fit. Open up about your own ideas and goals about yourself and don’t just lead the way but discover activities together. Be a fitness buddy, or add in some friendly, flirty competition and camaraderie. Working out might not seem like the most romantic date ever but actually it does get the heart pumping and endorphins flowing and there’s a lot to be said for spending positive, active time with a romantic partner.

Spa indulgence: How you look and feel are important and sometimes the best way to appreciate who you are is to treat yourself to some luxuriating spa time. This might be anything from a sauna to a facial or a relaxing massage. It’s about making that connection between feeling good and being healthy and also feeling connecting with yourself. Treating someone you care about is not only romantic and sweet but it is also a way of telling them that they are worth a lot. It is sending out the message that they are worthwhile and worth investing in.

Get your loved one more fit by setting them up with some good quality exercise too. You can also get involved and train toward your fitness targets together. Drop us a line and start a healthy relationship with fitness.

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