Build fitness into your break!

2013August17_TravelVacations_AAre you dreaming about relaxing on a beach? Or of doing absolutely nothing? Does the idea of late mornings sleeping in and days of pure R&R sound like sheer bliss? The best part about a vacation is setting aside time to do absolutely nothing. However, what you’ll soon find that once the novelty’s worn off you might feel more sluggish and tired than when you started. There’s something about slouching around that can sometimes make you feel like your whole system is grinding to a halt. The answer? Build fitness into your break!

If the idea of climbing every mountain and traveling down any road during your holiday time makes you feel exhausted, then it’s probably safe to say that you’re not ready for a full-on fitness vacation. After being on the go you might want to use your time away from work, away from home and off somewhere where you can truly relax and recharge your batteries.

What about enjoying the best of both worlds and taking a break but building in some fitness so that you keep some energy flowing too?

Take advantage of a different schedule

The best thing about many vacations is that you’re not running to the same clock as you are the rest of the time. This means that you can really mix up not just what you do but when you do it. If you’ve always wanted to get into the habit of a morning workout or even a stretch, add this into your holiday ritual in a leisurely way. You might enjoy it enough to keep at it when you get back from your vacation and make some changes to your usual schedule too.

Walking allows you to explore

What better way to really get a feel for your vacation spot – even if you’re having a holiday at home! – than to get away from transport and take a walk instead. You can really discover new places, meet people and experience your day in such a different way if you make the journey ┬ápart of your trip and not just the destinations you reach. Even moderate walking can be a great way to wake up your body and your senses.

Exercise can be indulgent

Vacation time is about being hedonistic or at least enjoying a few simple pleasures in life, right? Yes, exactly and there’s no reason why you can’t add a touch of luxury or pampering into your activities. What about including a spa day where you get to swim as well as treat yourself to a Jacuzzi and a sauna? What about a water sport where you can enjoy the beauty of a beach or lake location too?

Take an organized trip

It’s great to be able to totally go with the flow when you’re taking a break. However, if being left to your own devices too much makes you feel too directionless then you could book an activity or a trip that takes you off to do something for the day. Many excursions are designed with sports and action-packed adventure in mind, as well as gentler pursuits if you want to take it a little easier.

Find the relaxation in being active

Being active is a great tonic for the mind. Have you ever noticed how as soon as you start moving, the stresses of the day seem to ebb away from your thoughts? Look for vacation activities that induce and enhance this feeling of total relaxation. Think about location and scenery, color and culture and dive into doing something different. Don’t push yourself into workouts that don’t fit with the holiday feeling.

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