Getting the most out of CrossFit!

2013August25_Crossfit_BGetting the most out of CrossFit is not about simply adding a competitive spirit to your workouts but also ensuring you’re constantly varying functional movements with high intensity training. There are ways to really improve your CrossFit sessions from how you go about the exercises to how you approach the workouts. If you follow the right guidelines you have a greater chance of achieving better results faster and experiencing a more enjoyable training session too.

 First and foremost, having a quality CrossFit trainer at hand can really make the difference and guide you from the starting point onwards as you progress through Workouts of the Day and beyond fitness plateaus. By assessing and monitoring where you are at with the help of expert advice you can overcome weaknesses and improve your strength and flexibility with total body conditioning. There are many other handy tips too:

  • Keep at it! – Yes, it is hardly rocket science but to really benefit from CrossFit you have to practice and if you slack off or see your attention dipping, find out why. Change your schedule, mix up your workouts, and remind yourself of your goals.

  • Dynamic warm-up – Static warm-ups are not the way to go with CrossFit. Studies have shown that when it comes to strength exercises, dynamic stretching not only reduces the risk of injury but also adds to the effectiveness of what you are doing when you workout.

  • Get the right gear – This isn’t about making a fashion statement but you might want to invest in a rope that’s the right length and some wrist straps, as well as some moisture-wicking clothes. Expect to sweat a little and then some.

  • Focus on mobility – There’s so much going on with CrossFit that it’s sometimes easy to lose focus on mobility exercises. However, if you want to carry out each exercise to the best of your ability then you need full range of motion. For this you need mobility and flexibility.

  • Lift heavy weights regularly – As you progress it is easy to start to settle into what is commonly known as the comfort zone. While you don’t want to put your body at risk, try and push yourself comfortably so that you can reach the next level of challenging and developing your strength.

  • Take a break – Because CrossFit is such a high intensity exercise style it is easy to get carried away. Add in the competitive element and you might end up not giving your body time off. It’s not about treating yourself but helping your training.

  • Rise to the challenge – There are many types of training out there that really don’t demand or push you as much as CrossFit. There’s no point approaching training without an ambitious edge that is going to meet the challenge head-on.

  • Motivate others for yourself – While focusing on yourself learn the golden rule in fitness: Success is about having a sense of community and camaraderie. If you support others then you’ll find this motivation reflected back at you just when you need it the most.

  • Get tips from more advanced CrossFit athletes – Everybody is at different levels in CrossFit so use your training time to chat to other more experienced athletes about what’s worked for them and what tips they can pass on.

  • Mindfulness – Being present in the moment is not just reserved for gentle yoga classes. Bringing awareness, a body and mind connection and an alertness to CrossFit can help clear your mind and give you just the right focus you need to train well.

Do you have any great CrossFit advice? Pass on your knowledge and let us know what you think about CrossFit.

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