How to make a real splash! Part 2!

2013August31_SwimmingWaterSports_ARemember back when you could think of nothing better than jumping or diving into the cool waters of a swimming pool or heading to the beach for some water sports and fun? It might be a good few years ago now. All too often, people tend to abandon their beloved swimming as they get older. But those who keep it up can benefit and many boast the toned sleek builds of swimmers to prove it. So it is well worth retaining that sense of swimming joie de vivre and seeking out the inspiration to get back in the water. It will make a big splash when it comes to personal fitness, we promise you.

 If you’re tempted to dip your toe in the water again and get fit with one of the best forms of exercise, then you may need a little push to help you to take the plunge. In Part 1, we gave you a few tips to make your swimming experience more enjoyable, including choosing the right pool environment; making sure the facilities are clean; being organized with a swim bag that includes some luxurious products; taking time to float in the water for some meditative relaxation, as well as simply pounding the lengths; and to use swimming time to have some real family fun. But we’ve not finished yet. There are other ideas which could tempt you back into the water.

Water aerobics: If you find going up and down the lanes to be a little dull then a great way to keep fit is to jog, jump and workout underwater. Water aerobics or aqua fit offers a high-energy but low-impact class. The weight of the water offers a satisfying amount of resistance and the atmosphere is fun and accessible for people of all fitness levels. The water also ensures that you keep cool despite doing a cardio workout.

Water sports: If you think about it there are a wealth of water sports out there. But when was the last time that you considered doing any of them? What about kayaking for the day or learning how to sail, surf or waterski? It’s easy to put such water sports in the vacation category only but many activities can bring year round adventure. And sometimes simply trying something new can reinvigorate a zest for life and for getting fit.

Swimming for safety: When you start chatting to people it is amazing how many folk out there simply don’t know how to swim. It’s estimated that over 35% of adults in the US struggle and can only do a few short strokes at best. So if you are one of these non-swimmers, remember that you are not alone and there is no need to be embarrassed or ashamed. Having said that, it’s certainly worth taking time to learn. Swimming is great fun and the perfect exercise. And being able to swim also means you can take part in activities on, in and under the water. More importantly, being able to swim is about being safe, for yourself and your kids.

Intrinsic motivation: When you first get into cold water it takes some gumption to immerse yourself. Once you’re wet though you quickly heat up and will be urging other more tentative types to jump in because the water’s warm. Use your inner volition and motivation to get yourself to the water and believe that once you have taken a dip then the rest will follow and you’ll be thankful that you made the effort in the first place.

I want to swim because…: Do you want to set a personal record or to reach a certain fitness level? Do you want to make a difference to your lifestyle as a whole? Or do you want to take part in a sporting competition that involves swimming such as a triathlon? Whether you want to feel more confident in the water or to really excel in a water-based activity, ask yourself why you want to swim or practice a water sport. Listing your goals focuses your attention so you’re more likely to plunge in and stick at it.

When was the last time you got in the water and exercised? Do you paddle on holiday or sit on the side of the pool with a cocktail? Are you frightened of water or hate the idea of getting wet? Maybe it’s time to make a splash with a new world of exercise.

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