Reality motivates!

2013September01_Motivation_AWhile dreams and lofty ambitions are what inspires, are they enough to really motivate you in the long-haul? It’s great to let your imagination run wild but looking at what you actually feel and think right now, and what you really want to achieve is sometimes the best way to define which direction to go in. This includes your wellness wants and how to propel yourself toward achieving the fitness results you are looking for.

How many times have you heard the story of someone holding onto a dream and never letting go, only to reach their desired destination through pure determination, grit and dogged dedication? It’s enough to make you want to reach for the stars yourself. Whether its a sporting hero or a movie star, there’s something really heartfelt and courageous about somebody fighting for what they want every step of the way. Often these tales include eventful chapters on facing difficult challenges and overcoming obstacles.

However, when it comes to creating a fitter, healthier you, motivation may come from keeping your feet on the ground and adopting working from the ground of reality at the present time upward. This is not to say that you should forget your fitness fantasies but allow some space for other forces to come into play too and adopt a structured plan

What do you want?

It may sound obvious but while you may have big ideas, what are some of your less dynamic ambitions? If you’re out of shape or struggling with your weight then you may want to aim for dealing with these immediate issues before you compete in an triathlon or the Olympic Games. Break down what you want into small, doable blocks so that you’re not overwhelmed.

It is easy to think you really want something when in actual reality you don’t. It could be that you simply like the idea of something, or like the idea of what you see as an unattainable reality. Spend time, with a pen and paper perhaps, and really try and pinpoint some thoughts. Real goals inspire real motivation.

Why do you want it?

Understanding your own perspective, thoughts and feelings, is a great way to give your fitness goals some substance and back up. Do you want to get in shape for a future vacation or a special event? Do you want to complete a charity run, or has a health scare in you or someone else made you want to turn over a new lifestyle leaf? Motivation is boosted by real feelings and goals you can personally connect with. Focus on what you really want, not what you think you should want.

How are you going to get it?

You might have fire in your belly but unless you have a sense of direction your motivation may get lost along the way or keep coming up against dead ends. This is the time to add practicality into your plan. Open your ideas to new training techniques and interesting ways in which you can make the reality of what you will be doing far more enjoyable. Find routes that lead to results in an effective and efficient way. Strategy supports motivation.


Now take a reality check. You have lots of valid ideas which are viable but now you need to look at your lifestyle, commitments at work and at home, as well as your free time and schedule, as well as contacting us about what will work and what won’t. Asking an exercise expert can help pare down and define your fitness plan so that you have a better chance of continuing it. By removing as many difficulties as you can you are more likely to keep motivation levels up.

You know what you want, why and how, and you’ve find out what options are available and how these fit your life. Your motivation is at an all time high, so give it starter’s orders and set off how you mean to go on.

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