Fitness nostalgia for families!

2013September09_FamilyActivity_AIt’s hard to imagine youngsters today looking back when they’re older and remembering simple times and even simpler pleasures. There seems to be so much tech-induced, non-stop entertainment, connectivity and interaction that a game of dodgeball or hopscotch seems light years away. Not only that, but there’s lots of activities for young people to get involved in too. But if modern-day choices are leaving you and your family in a quandary as to which options to choose, why not turn back time and indulge in some real fitness nostalgia.

Do you remember a time when you were happy with a skipping rope, a ball or even a wide open space? Do your kids have the same sense of simplicity when it comes to getting out there and being active? There are many organized events, activities and fitness centers that cater for kids but what about some good old fashioned family time?

Make a day of it

Everyone is always on a deadline, overtime, behind time or running out of time. Forget fitting in family time in between the demands of your life and dedicate some real space and time. What about a day out which doesn’t involve going to the mall? Once upon a time families had quality days out where kids ran around and lost track of time. Bring the value of a lost day back into your life.

Take a picnic

When’s the last time you packed up a healthy picnic and headed out as a family? When was the last time you did this and enjoyed a day of healthy activities too? With snacks and refreshments on hand everyone can relax and make the most of an active day out without breaking off to sit down and eat at a restaurant or at home. Sharing food in this way is a great bonding experience too and a reminder of bygone days.

Turn off technology

Do you remember long summer evenings when the afternoon seemed to last forever? Do you remember running around but then someone stopping because their cell was ringing? No, of course you don’t because people weren’t obsessed with keeping connected. Turn off and tune into what you’re doing with the rest of your family and connect with each other instead.

Don’t overcomplicate

It’s easy to have an idea about a day of activities and then keep adding to it so that it becomes overinvolved. Don’t try and pack in too many activities, or do too much, and don’t make a day of family fun too orchestrated or organized. Allow for some flexibility and for family time to go with the flow.

Enjoy all weathers

Too hot? Too cold? Raining? When’s the right climate for outdoor family fun? Embrace all weathers and don’t wait for the perfect day, or during challenging seasons move the fun indoors. What about booking an indoor tennis or badminton court?

The four elements

Think Earth, Water, Air and Fire when planning family activities. Get out in a field and connect with nature; go swimming or get out on a lake; fly a kite or go windsurfing; add some fire with go-karts or simply with a healthy barbeque on the side of a family day out. Get back to basics.

Enjoy competition

There may be debate about how much competition is encouraging for youngsters and how much knocks their confidence. But families are all about challenges, teasing and a relaxed, fun and motivating element of healthy competition. Allow for some old style fun where you can enjoy yourself with true abandon.

Can you remember what some of your favorite games, activities and fun pursuits were as a child? When was the last time you played Tag or Kick the Can? Why not take a trip back in time to when you were young and running around, keeping fit, active and healthy, seemed so much easier and so much fun.

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