Stop playing the blame game!

2013October05_Motivation_A It’s part of the human condition to look around and cast blame toward outside forces, be it other people or circumstances beyond individual control. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s easier to look out than look realistically at the part you have to play, and never was this truer than when it comes to not exercising enough and not leading a healthier lifestyle. The question is: “Are you playing the blame game?” If so, then maybe it’s time to stop and take some positive action instead.

Motivation to get up and do something proactive is not just about wanting to achieve a goal or creating an energetic drive. It is also about not letting the idea that you are a victim of your situation or a put-upon person weaken the power of your own volition. Have you ever hear the phrase ‘I would if I could but I can’t’? While it’s true that there are challenges and difficulties for many people in the pursuit of health and happiness, if you overplay the blame game then you paralyze your ability to move forward.

I’m just too busy!

Join the club! Everyone is busy but rather than blaming your work, family or any other commitments that eat up your time, find solutions instead. If something’s gotta give then so be it. Don’t be a martyr when it comes to your work-life balance or the demands of family either. You may balk at the idea of time management and roll your eyes at the suggestion that you can find time to keep fit but the fact is you can. The time won’t magically present itself. You need to find it and own it.

I’ve no money!

Times are undoubtedly tough but the fact is that your well being is worth a lot and your health is priceless. Look at ways you can be active for free and top these up with some more formalized exercise you can afford, be it a group class, personal training or a gym session. Make your money work for you by looking at where you are wasting cash too. How many people say they can’t afford to invest in keeping fit but yet still find enough to pay for calorie-rich takeout? If your resources are limited then work within that budget rather than simply crossing fitness off your outgoing expenses list.

Nobody is supporting me!

The question is, are you supporting yourself? Of course, if other people don’t seem to believe in you, or if they berate you, then it can be a real challenge to find the strength and motivation within to create a different lifestyle and ultimately, a new you. If you don’t find any immediate support then put some energy into looking in a different place. Where do you think you can meet new people who will make you believe that you can reach your goals? Seek and you shall find.

My children/partner/cat/tv stop me

You are a master of your own self so blaming others for sabotaging your efforts is not going to help anyone. Sometimes people who are close to you may react in different ways if you start to change your life and become healthier, fitter and undoubtedly more positive. If you feel that a person is trying to stop you from moving on then,  chat with them honestly and firmly. Make it clear how important they are to you and that you would value their help and support. Is it someone or something stopping you or are you stopping yourself?

It’s easier for such-and-such

The grass is always greener and there will always be someone who not only seems to have it easier than you but actually does have it easier than you. There are probably many people who have it a lot harder too. People who are looking after their health and keeping fit aren’t doing so because they have it easier. It’s because they want to and are actively pursuing their goals.

I would if I didn’t have a xxx problem

Remember, a problem can be an opportunity to change your life.

There’s no need to become your harshest critic either. In fact, why not banish blame and start your healthier lifestyle today?


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