Action packed adventures

2013October08_TravelVacations_AWhen was the last time that you had a real adventure? What abo ut some action-packed high-octane fun? While you might be tied down to the realities of your everyday life, there’s nothing stopping you using your next vacation as an opportunity to set sail to new activities that are going to leave you feeling refreshed, energized and with a genuine zest for life.

Lounging on the beach or by the lake; exploring a new city; or enjoying the pool and entertainment at a resort. The whole idea of a vacation is that it’s different from the norm. It’s a chance to catch up on sleep, trashy novels, doing nothing, while enjoying a lie-in each morning and great meals out. What’s to change? Well, while you might think that a classic vacation destination and style is exactly what you are looking for, what about a twist in the tale with an action packed adventure.

Spirit of adventure

Ignite your imagination by letting your thoughts run wild with ideas of exciting pursuits and activities. What have you always wanted to do? What have you always wanted to try but never had the opportunity or the confidence? What are your goals, ambitions and dreams? Decide that this next vacation you’re going to let some of this spirit into your plans.

Normal activities in unusual locations

You don’t need to do something zany or out there to create a sense of adventure. Sometimes it is the location or the way that you do something that sets it apart. For example, you might choose a yoga retreat in the jungle, or a boot camp weekend off the beaten track. Being in an environment that is focused on action and provides the backdrop for an adventure is just the right ingredient you need to create a memorable experience. A nice change from simple sightseeing or lying around a pool.

Become a daytripper

If you want the best of both worlds then what about a vacation where you have the opportunity to go on adventures for the day. An elephant trek, scuba diving or white water rafting can really liven up a vacation and take you out of your everyday zone of living too. When you get home, try organizing action-packed day trips and excursions that allow you to do something different.

Research your vacation

If you have some vacation time coming up then start by looking at various destinations that offer the activity or adventure that you want. This might be an area that has a lot of water sports for example. You could also book an actual activity holiday, such as a week of walking or hiking. What about learning a new skill too. You could learn how to sail or a martial art. If you are destination-led only you might find that the location you choose doesn’t have as many options, so book with adventure and action in mind.

Don’t be afraid to do it alone

In a real adventure story you might be pitting yourself against a personal challenge so it may be that you decide to take time for yourself for your vacation activities. Sometimes trying to fit other people into your plans can be difficult. Not only that, but there is a great sense of satisfaction from losing yourself in the moment and enjoying a positive experience on your own.

Get ready for your vacation adventure by working out with us and adding some real action into your life.

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