Are you frightened or motivated by fear?

2013October30_Movivation_BTaking stock of your fitness levels and lifestyle can be a scary prospect for some and can have them on the run; not from spooky phantoms of their imagination but from reality. If you are living your life like one of the walking dead then it’s time to resurrect an exercise plan. If you are hiding in a corner through fear of your health and fitness status this Halloween then it’s time to come out of the shadows and let this fear motivate you into taking positive action rather than frightening you into doing nothing.

Sometimes, the less you do the less you want to do. It seems paradoxical, but exercise can really raise your energy levels, while simply doing nothing most of the day can leave you with about as much energy as a zombie. With this lack of motivation, many people also find it easier not to face health concerns they fear too, or to avoid them at least. However, there is a way to embrace this fear and let it propel you forward into the light of a healthier lifestyle.

Write down what frightens you

If you’re sticking your head in the sand through fear or denial then the chances are there is something you are worrying about and you are not too sure what it might be. But the best way to tackle fear is to know what you are dealing with. Perhaps it will be more frightening than you ever imagined, or it might be nothing at all to be scared of. Find a space where you feel comfortable and at ease and write down all the things that worry you. It might be the fear of putting on more weight, or not being around to kick a ball around with your kids. Unless you verbalize your fear you can’t use it to improve your lifestyle.

Look at the past and the future

Create a narrative with your spooky tale. Where do your fears come from? Can you pinpoint an incident or situation in the past that led to where you are at right now? Look at your lifestyle, activity levels in general and your nutrition. How has the past shaped these present fears. Now shape this storyline in your mind but add a positive outcome. What have you envisioned you need to do to create this happy ending?

Spring clean the cobwebs

Have you noticed that when you are feeling your best and feeling motivated you are more likely in a clean, clear space where you can act in a positive way. Look around your living space and see how it reflects your fitness and health fears. Do you have junk food sitting behind the salads in your cupboards? Is the television your shrine which you sit and worship night after night? To motivate yourself, start November by physically cleaning up your surroundings. Brush away not just any fake Halloween cobwebs but clear the cobwebs of your mind too.

Open the curtains and let in some light

Have you ever been scared of a dark shape in the night only to turn on the light and found you were scared of a crumpled dressing gown? By opening your mind to the world around you and finding out about fitness activities, training and classes you are letting light into your life. Spend more time outdoors and get active. This way you can broaden your horizons and the fitness fears will start to loosen their grip.

Battle the baddies

Now you have faced your fear and shed some light on new possibilities then you are well-equipped to battle your fitness foes. Find out about what you fear and let this guide you to be brave and take up the challenge to change your life. This might involve battling your own habits and thoughts. But trust us, if you fight your fears and change your life, you can enjoy a brave new world in the months and years to come.

Let fear motivate you this Halloween.

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