6 More ways to activate your family!

2013December06_FamilyActivity_AHave you noticed that no matter how much you stand firm, pull your hair out or even lovingly nudge, it can be an uphill struggle trying to get the whole family up and moving in the same direction at the same time? This is especially true when it comes to being fit and active. All you need to do is activate your family and the rest will easily follow. The question that then springs to mind is ‘how’?

Recently we highlighted six ways to activate your family, which included:

  • Treasure hunt – giving an activity a real purpose.

  • A bat, a ball and a wide open space – keeping it real and simple.

  • Water play – enjoying aquatic activities.

  • Obstacle course – for some fun antics and frivolity.

  • Adults Vs Kids – with friendly rivalry reigning.

  • Being a fool – letting your hair down.

If you are looking for even more ways to get your family into a more active lifestyle, then try using your imagination while being realistic about what your family dynamic is, such as the age of any youngsters. Keeping personality and interests in mind helps too. Here are six more ideas to play with:

  1. Expeditions: Everybody has an inner explorer and adventurer inside them, whether they are an adult or child. Even those who lack courage or curiosity in general can still enjoy using their skills when faced with an upcoming journey. Plan a trip that is active and involves an element of exploration and of moving from one place to the next. It might be a trip to a renowned attraction or using maps and a compass to find a secret spot. Have fun by creating a role playing element so that you can really lose yourselves in the ‘game’.

  2. Fun challenges: If you create an end goal or result to aim for then there is more impetus to take up the mantle and really push toward victory. You can incorporate this idea into activities with enjoyable tasks that have a clearly defined point to them. Whether it’s running around to collect enough fruit in a couple of hours to make pies for the whole family, or collecting leaves to clear the lawn or yard, there are challenges all around.

  3. Take turns: Family members who feel involved also feel connected and are more willing to show enthusiasm for group efforts. While you might like nothing better than a brisk walk or hike in a natural beauty spot, ask yourself what other people in the family would like to do instead and give them the chance to have their say. If you let youngsters take the lead sometimes and come up with activities you can all do, then they will run with that.

  4. Build something: There’s nothing as satisfying as getting stuck in and creating a finished, tangible ‘something’. Creative ideas and downright hard work might be all you need to complete a project so you have something to show for your efforts. What could you build that will be manageable and also keep you fit while you’re building it? What about a treehouse or children’s miniature house, or even a sled for when it snows.

  5. Mother Nature’s playground: The Great Outdoors is a perfect environment for an active lifestyle. So many parents seem to be constantly spending money trying to find quick-fix entertainment to keep themselves and their children distracted. Take a walk outside and go off the beaten track to find streams to traverse, fields to hike through and a whole natural arena to hop, skip and jump through life.

  6. Help others: It isn’t just adults who develop a social conscience. Children can be empathic and caring too, and allowing them to express this side of themselves in a positive framework is important too. While focusing on the psychology of your youngster, you can tie in their fitness needs, with community support that involves getting active. This might range from a sponsored bike ride or active physical work that makes a difference.

Sometimes all families need is some inspiration to get an action plan in place and come together with activities that benefit all.

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