Get aqua activated!

2013December06_SwimmingWaterSports_AIf you think fitness then do you immediately think of the gym or traditional exercise classes? It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to coming up with ideas to keep fit, so why not let your imagination run beyond dry land and into the water. Whether on or under the water, in a pool, lake or the Big Blue, there’s lots of fun and interesting action to be had with swimming and water sports.

If you struggle with regular exercise classes and don’t enjoy the classic fitness environment, then aqua-based activities may open up a whole new world to you. All you have to do is get aqua-activated:

  • Go for a swim: Before launching into a water sport or some big aqua challenge, make sure you dip before you dive straight in. In other words, if you haven’t even been for a swim and got wet in the water for a while then you might want to refamiliarize yourself with a few strokes.

  • Learn to swim: It’s amazing how many adults cannot swim. Often you can know a non-swimmer for a long time without actually knowing that they are unable to keep afloat. If you fall into this group then you are not alone and the time to learn is now. Once you can swim then you can have fun on holidays as well as enjoying lots of water activities.

  • Find a flattering water outfit: If you associate swimming or being in the water with wearing a less than attractive costume or shorts then you are less likely to want to get wet. You don’t need to spend a lot of money but make sure your swimming gear is appropriate, fits well and makes you feel confident. Regular swimmers often have a costume to swim all the time in and then a more stylish look for holidays.

  • Learn a water sport: From water skiing to sailing or kitesurfing, there are so many different sports you can try out on the water. Taking lessons can really heighten your enjoyment as you can take skills out on the water more quickly. It also means that you’re at less risk of injury too. Learning to surf with others can also introduce you to a new social life or sporting community.

  • Make a day of it: Spend a day at the lake or by the sea and invite family and friends to make it a real day out. Add in some sports on dry land and a picnic for some real group fun for everyone.

  • Book a holiday with some water action: Next time you go away for a break why not base your vacation around some aqua activities. Lounging on the beach, visiting attractions and shopping can all be great ways to unwind but a water sport course can really add some focus. Or why not factor in lots of swimming and aqua sports to keep you and your fellow holidaymakers occupied and fit too?

  • Learn lifesaving: Understanding how to be safe in the water might help you save someone’s life one day. As with any activity, you need to be smart when you get in the water. This means following any rules and regulations, being aware of any dangers and paying attention. If you feel safe you will also feel more confident.

  • Appreciate marine life: Have you ever tried scuba diving or really marveled at the wonder of ¬†an underwater world? Understanding what lies beneath freshwater lakes and streams, as well as big seas and oceans, can really spark an interest in aquatic life and encourage a love of the water.

If you are looking for a great way to work your core, learn a new skill and enjoy fun holidays, then what are you waiting for? Get aqua activated!

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