Get the festive party started!

2013December07_Zumba_AFamily get-togethers, dinners and parties at work, gatherings at neighbours’ houses and nights out with friends; whatever age you are, the festive season is a time when there’s usually an opportunity to put on your best outfit and join the party. And to get you into the swing of the celebrations and holiday why not try out a few dance moves? Zumba lets you do anything from Bollywood to salsa so why not strut your stuff.

A party is about coming together and sharing good times and the global phenomenon of Zumba is based on the same philosophy. Putting on some great music, letting your hair down and simply enjoying yourself can make you feel fantastic. With the right elements, a good party with some dancing can leave you feeling energized and exhilarated. But why limit your dancing to the party season when you can keep fit and dance away every week with a fabulously fun Zumba class? Get the festive party started with a fitness regime that gives you a spring in your step.

Dance through life

While you might look a little strange dancing your way down the supermarket aisles, it’s easy to start slouching through life or to let the weight of life’s responsibilities weigh you down. Zumba is a great way to shake off the daily grind and feel lighter, not just on your feet but within your whole being. Dancing makes you feel great too by getting those addictive endorphins flowing so the more you dance the more you’ll feel like dancing too.

Don’t act your age

If you feel you act your age or perhaps older than your years but would like to feel younger, dance can really give you extra  joie de vivre and make you feel young at heart. Zumba combines  dance moves with upbeat music, so you can really get into the Latin-inspired beats and rhythms. By letting go and not restricting yourself, you can add a youthful vibe to every part of yourself and your life, whatever age you are.

Bring some rhythm to the dance floor

If you never make the most of a party and end up standing on the sidelines then you may feel awkward and stiff when you eventually make it onto the dance floor. Zumba can loosen you up ready for the party season, as well as teach you how to move your body so you look and feel great as well. Being able to connect with your body can help you feel confident on and off the dance floor.

Step into 2014 dancing to a different tune

Teenagers and young people are hungry for new ideas, music and change, and yet so many adults are the total opposite. It is as if grown-ups sometimes keep the same record on and dance around in circles to the same tune. Zumba is based on music from across the globe, as well as steps from hip-hop and merengue. Zumba dance fitness classes could help you step into 2014 in style, dancing to a funky new tune.

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