Activate your relationship in 2014!

2013December19_CouplesActivity_AThe closer you are to a situation the more difficult it can often be to see it more clearly. And never was there a clearer case than when it came to people and their other halves. When you spend a certain amount of time with a loved one you inevitably create a lifestyle together. ¬†While this can be inspiring and keep you fit, if you’re both motivated by a healthy lifestyle, you can equally end up spending too much time being indolent rather than active. If this resonates with you, then it’s time to activate your relationship in 2014.

Meals out, cooking up feasts for cozy nights in watching a movie on the sofa; it’s no surprise that being part of a couple can often be a recipe for an expanding waistline. Of course, you may well spend your time together hiking trails and working out, in which case you are already up and running. However, as you move into a new year, there are many couples who need to add some adventure and activities to the calendar. All you need is some planning and some creative ideas.

Cherry-pick active days out

It’s Saturday morning and after a leisurely breakfast in bed you realize that there’s nothing planned for the rest of the weekend. It might sound like total bliss if you both have hectic work schedules, but it also means that you can miss out on action-packed days out too. Plan ahead by spending a few hours checking out what’s going on in your neighborhood or region in the month or year ahead and write these dates in your diary. Also include planned days for activities that can be done at any time, otherwise you may end up never getting round to doing them.

Switch off the TV for a week

Turning off the tube does not mean turning on your computer instead. For many couples, the idea of life without a flickering box full of images is enough to make them pale and weaken. Plan a week when you are going to disconnect and you may find that you connect with healthier pursuits, and possibly strengthen the connection between you. Stuck for ideas? Go for a walk, join a fitness class, or meet with a trainer to discuss your fitness plans. If you feel bored then embrace this feeling as it should provoke you into affirmative action.

Healthy date nights

Calorie-rich meals or perhaps sugary snacks at the movies are often the ingredients of the classic date night. However, there’s no reason why you cannot create your own recipe for a successful night out with your loved one that is going to get you engaged with some healthy, fun activities. Keep your focus on fitness and come up with some interesting ideas. What about a night out bowling or getting sweaty with a sport or racquet game? Step outside your comfort zone and plan nights out with a difference.

Adventure events

Explore the world around you with expeditions and adventures from time to time too. You might plan a big journey just once in 2014 or you may decide you want a series of mini-adventures throughout the year. Look at activities that are already mapped out or create your own event. You don’t need to think overly big or expensive but include a challenge and a mission, as well as finding out and experiencing something new and exciting. You’ll be amazed at how adrenaline-pumping action and adventure can add fuel to the fire of your love life.

Keep it fresh  

To stop a relationship from becoming staid, especially where your level of activity is concerned, add in some fresh new elements. You don’t need to be extreme and book a bungee jump off a dramatically high ledge, but you could go for a bike ride somewhere interesting or try out a new style of training and make fitness a focus for the both of you.

To activate your relationship in 2014 you need to get active and the rest will follow.

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