Creating a 2014 motivation plan

2013December19_Motivation_BSo you have set your resolutions for 2014 and the general idea is that you will lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. So far, so good. You might be raring to go, along with many other like-minded women here at Kaia, and simply waiting for the chimes of the New Year before setting off at a fairly fast pace toward your fitness goals. However, as days become weeks and weeks become months, it’s understandable that you may flag along the way. Although with Kaia the camaraderie and support really keeps your energy levels up and makes exercise fun and engaging. What you need to ensure you don’t fail is to plan for some motivational boosts along the way. What you need is a 2014 motivational plan.

Have you ever noticed how life often gets in the way of plans? Whether it’s a demanding job, family life or personal challenges you are dealing with, it can be oh so easy to let the best laid plans go awry. While driven focus may ride you through January, you can easily find your motivation levels ebbing as the flow of real life takes over for the remainder of the year. It’s not always enough to have that initial determination. What you need are practical ways you can keep going.

Be part of something bigger than yourself

Disappointing yourself is one thing, but letting down others can be harder to shrug off. Whether you join a group of supportive people to exercise with, or aim for a target along with others, being part of a collective force can be a great way of keeping your energy levels buoyed up when you feel as if your ambitions could float away from view. The enthusiasm of other people can be infectious and when you are lacking in motivation or finding a challenge tough, a good group of people can step in and help you step over any obstacles.

Highlight difficult times to steer through

While you might be hard pushed to predict the future for 2014, there are certain days, weeks or months, when you have an inkling of where you will be at and how you will be feeling. Are there certain times of the year when you aren’t firing on all cylinders? Are there danger hotspots which you know could threaten your resolve to make positive changes in your life, such an indulgent holiday booked in advance? To be forewarned is to be forearmed, so find ways to navigate your way through these inevitable challenges without sacrificing your motivation or your ambitions.

What’s your achilles heel?

Everybody has more than one weakness to contend with and when it comes to keeping fit and healthy this can range from an unadulterated love of chocolate to a penchant for spending your time curled up on the sofa doing absolutely nothing. All it takes is a difficult day or to feel especially tired and your temptations will come flooding in to ‘help’ you out. Don’t fight too hard against your weaknesses but look for strengths to counteract them instead. What cannot be denied though is that a sense of self and an understanding of what makes you tick is a great way to recognize any signs of faltering and nip these in the bud before they blossom.

Treats to top you up

Along with motivational hazards and putting yourself into a bigger picture, plan rewards and treats to keep your interest levels in your fitness goals up too. Plot a realistic plan of mini-milestones on your calendar and mark each one with a gift to yourself if you achieve what you aim to. You could give yourself a tangible present or you could treat yourself to an experience that you can look forward to, such as a massage or a new haircut. Personalize motivational treats so that they are more effective.

Look how far you’ve come

You could add in your diary quarterly assessment dates, where you really take a step back and look at what you’ve achieved up to that point. This really is about the facts in black and white, so writing down any fitness data and measurements can really help. If your aim is to tone up and create a leaner physique then these assessments will provide the truth of where you are at. The thought of these set assessments can motivate you in the short-term if the long-term just seems too far away. If you’re doing well, then they can also provide an injection of celebratory motivation and energy to spur you on.

Don’t just leave motivation to chance and hope that your initial enthusiasm stays the course. With the best will in the world you may not find the way without some kind of plan. All you need to do now is be motivated enough before the end of 2013 to create one.

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