Cardio for all seasons!

2013December21_CardioTraining_AFitness fads come and go, but some are well worth pursuing as there are many training styles that change the way you get fit and stay in shape. Scientific studies and research, as well as inspirational fitness experts, are changing and challenging the way we exercise.But one thing that remains constant is the need for cardiovascular workouts to get the heart pumping. However, to keep up the cardio you might want to vary what exercises you are doing depending on the time of year. It seems that there are cardio workouts that fit the different seasons.

Just as you can personalize the intensity and challenge of individual exercises, you can also let the seasons or individual life events impact how and when you exercise too. You can be committed whilst allowing for flexibility in terms of training throughout the year. It’s just a matter of being aware and being able to adapt.

  • Winter warmers: Don’t struggle with outdoor workouts when it’s too cold outside. Of course, nothing beats a crisp, fresh day where you can get active under a big blue sky, but in the wintery season, look for days when the weather is invigorating rather than miserably cold.

  • Summer coolers: Sunburn and sweat can make doing cardio outside on a hot day a miserable affair, but you don’t need to struggle against the beating sun in these air-conditioned times. Unless you are training for a specific event where the climate is an important element, cool off with a workout indoors.

  • Change your fitness wardrobe: Cardio starts off cool and soon warms up so that you feel the heat coming off your body. If you are not working up a sweat then you’re probably not working out at an aerobic level. Moisture wicking clothes are ideal for cardio workouts, and many people find layers a great way to keep warm outdoors before the energy of exercise starts to burn. Make sure you have fitness gear to match the seasons and the environment. Start a cold run on a cold day in joggers so that you don’t suffer for your training too much.

  • Block out dates: Get your calendar out and mark the dates when there are events, occasions and holidays that are clearly not conducive to workout out. Be clear about when you can follow a cardio program and when this will best fit in with your schedule. Calendars also help set goals. ¬†It might be that you want an intensive training program to get you in shape for a certain date in time, or by the time of a specific event.

  • Allow for outside influence: It is not just your social calendar and the weather that can affect your cardio training, but a multitude of changing factors. Being aware of how these elements impact your life can be useful. Consider school holidays, and how busy the local parks etc. are going to be, and possibly even your own life if you have kids. What about issues ¬†getting to and from training at certain times of day, such as rush hour? Is there are reason why you’re usually quiet running route will be overly busy or less easy to complete?

  • Special equipment: While gadgets can be fun and useful, you don’t need a lot of these to really tackle your personal fitness goals. However, if you’re working out outside then do you need some reflective clothing for those dark mornings? What about running shoes for slippy runs in the park? Be safety conscious and assess each style of exercise and each environment.

  • Changing lifestyle: If it’s the party season, which as you know, is in full-swing, then you may want to crank up the intensity of your workouts to counter those festive indulgences. It is also a good idea to focus on the New Year to come and put together a fitness plan. Remember, nutrition needs to work with cardio, not against it. This is also true if you have been ill or injured and are on the road to recovery. It might not be the best time to be adopting a full-on cardio assault on your body.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can eat what you like and simply do a few more minutes on the treadmill. Fitness, and nutrition, are far more complex than a sporadic reaction to how you work out, you need a cardio routine that takes into a consideration your changing lifestyle demands.

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