Find your rhythm for 2014!

2013December27_DanceFitness_AIt’s up to you to work out what beat you’re moving to as we move into January, and how to feel the right rhythm for life in the year ahead. You may just find that dancing and dance fitness helps you find your feet in 2014, getting you fit and leading you in the right direction to a more focused you in the process.

You want to start 2014 with the right lifestyle rhythm going and this means feeling comfortable in expressing yourself and being who you are and who you want to be. One way you can step into the New Year with a positive spring in your step is through the power of dance.

Party season!

It’s that festive time of year when the dance floor takes center stage, whether it’s at a neighbors hours for some eggnog, an office do, or for a big New Year’s Eve bash. While it might be a little late to take your dance fitness moves to the show if you’ve yet to join a dance class, let this party season be a lesson to make a change for next year and all the parties in between. If you’re not able to strut your stuff as you see in 2014 then this next year you might want to learn now to move to a funkier rhythm.

I’ve got a feeling!

Do you want to feel confident, happy and alive in 2014? Well, of course you do. Dance fitness definitely has that feel-good factor that carries through into everyday life. Getting in touch with your body and how it moves can really boost your feelings of inner-connectedness. In turn, this can make you feel more centred and happier about your body. Not only that, but the energy you create from classes really fuels you for the rest of the day.

Fun and free!

Dance inspires a feeling of freedom. As you shake your hips and loosen up, the stresses of the day disappear, leaving you feeling lighter and more carefree. This is a great feeling to take with you to your work, your home life and daily interactions. If you find that you get weighed down by responsibility or are constantly grappling difficult situations, then dance may be one avenue to  lighten the load and add in a fun element to your approach to life.

Fit and active!

If your plan is to improve your fitness levels and lead a far more active lifestyle in 2014, then dance fitness classes can be great way to kickstart some adrenaline-pumping activity. If you balk at the idea of intensive training and hate the thought of the gym, the dance can feel less like a workout and more like an exciting hobby that keeps you in good shape along the way.

Move toward better focus!

Sticking to a schedule, learning new skills, and keeping active, is an ideal way to sharpen your everyday focus and concentration. It’s really satisfying to pitch up to a dance fitness session, knowing that you are improving and getting ¬†more out of it each time. This is a healthy discipline for the mind, as well as the fact that a healthier you is going to find better focus from simply feeling better in general.

Get social!

Dance is wonderfully social and is about life, love and laughter. Why not mix up your social life in 2014 and create diverse and interesting ways to meet new people and interact? Dance fitness allows you to share the fun and high-energy of each session and feel at ease with those around you.

Don’t be out of sync in 2014. Find your fitness rhythm. Get in touch

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