So you want to lose weight this January?

2013December29_WeightLoss_B2014 is going to be the year when you slim down and shape up. If this sounds like a familiar sentiment then you’re not alone. January has to be the ultimate month when women realize that they could do with shedding a few pounds to get ready for the year ahead. While safety may come in numbers, success alas does not, and many women will fail to shift their excess baggage from 2013. So you want to lose weight in January? You need a plan! And with the support of Kaia then that is exactly what you will get.

After the excess of the New Year, January can be a perfect time to really get going with a new diet plan. Psychologically the start of the year is about new beginnings and starting different chapters of life, which can add a great sense of motivation. If you’re looking at how to lose weight in 2014, then you need to follow a few simple tips to set you off in the right direction.

Banish the word diet

The idea of being ‘on a diet’ conjures up images of fads and trends, from the strict to the surreal. Don’t look at short-term solutions and quick fix diets which aren’t going to stick. Aim for a healthy eating plan that while less dramatic sounding than the latest diet, is going to produce far more dramatically long-lasting results.

Treat yourself to a new plate and cutlery

If you want to feel special for an occasion then you might have your hair done, or buy a new outfit. For a new and exciting healthy eating plan, you could also treat yourself with your very own plate, knife and fork, to celebrate food and how it is going to help you lose weight and look better. One word of advice, choose a plate that isn’t too big. The bigger the plate the deceptively small portions can look and the more likely you are to load on extras.

Create a list of January no-nos

Treat January as a booster month. This means that you can give certain foods up in January that you may well start to eat again the rest of the year. In this way it is a detox month to get rid of the toxins from 2013 and to give your body a break. Think about stopping caffeine, gluten, lactose or sugar. What about fried foods and fatty meats? The plainer your diet in 2014 the better.

Put fitness on the menu

What’s the use of eating your greens and then slobbing out like a couch potato. There are so many misconceptions about diet and exercise, that getting some expert advice on how you can combine these successfully might be a good idea. Certainly, a workout that helps shed the pounds requires a bit more than simply going for it in a cardio session.

Clear out your cupboards

Don’t wait for a spring clean, instead, throw old temptations and old foods lurking at the back of your larder. It’s not just about not having unhealthy snacks to hand, for example, but also creating a psychological effect of having the space to redefine what you eat and consequently how you live. As you introduce fresh ingredients into your diet, create fresher areas to store food too.

Get some creative culinary recipes

Even those blessed with culinary skills can sometimes get stuck in a rut when it comes to daily cuisine. Whether it’s a lack of time or imagination that’s causing you to cook up the same recipes time and again, you might benefit from some quick, yet creative dishes. Spend a few hours getting some great ideas, and focus on healthy cooking only. This may spark some imaginative recipe ideas of your own too.

Try new healthy foods

More and more different and interesting foods and ingredients are being stocked at grocery stores and even supermarkets. Foods from around the world all offer some healthy options, so there’s no excuse for not eating a good diet. Exploring new flavors is a wonderful way to reawaken your passion for food beyond a takeout treat or a grabbing a quick bite at lunch.

Don’t be negative about what you can’t change

Did your diet let you down in 2013? Did you find yourself eating the wrong foods at the wrong times on too many occasions to mention? While it’s always useful to understand food triggers and what circumstances or feelings make you want to eat certain types of foods, or a certain quantity, it’s time to let 2013 go. Before shedding some excess baggage, let the weight of 2013 disappear as you look to new, healthier horizons.

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