Start 2014 feeling strong!

2013December29_StrengthTraining_AGone are the days when fitness fans considered strength training to be all about lifting weights and adding bulk. Not only can strength training actually help you look and feel trimmer, it is an important foundation to building a fit physique. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to look at your strength and how to create a good core from which the rest of your fitness success will follow in 2014.

You don’t need to be a fitness expert to understand that if you lack core strength then you may struggle with other elements of physical fitness and performance. There’s more to core muscle training than a few sit-ups too, and your first step to giving your core a real boost, is to work out how strong you are, where work needs to be done, and how much. This can be tricky to establish alone, and in this respect, a fitness expert can really come in handy in guiding you.

It’s not just about the abs

Think core, think abs. It’s understandable that many people really focus on this part of the body when they refer to core exercises. Of course, your abdominal muscles are a big part of your core and toned abs are a sign of a strong core. However, there are many other muscles which need some attention too, from your shoulders, down to your hips. Work them all.

Don’t overreach in January

The key to strength training is to build up over time, so that you are constantly challenging and training your muscles. If you are being assessed or assessing your own strength levels, don’t be tempted to go all out, to impress. As the weeks and months go by you will find it far more rewarding if you start from a relatively easy position and work upwards, rather than improving on what was already a difficult level.

Start with the best core exercises in your aerobic mix

As well as cardiovascular exercises, you need to core strength to provide stability, guard against injury, and improve muscular performance. To do this, you might want to add in some dynamic core exercises into your 2014 training. It’s about quality, not necessarily quantity either. Core strength exercises which engage the whole torso or several muscles, across more than one joint, can be really effective. What you are aiming for is for these muscles to contract at the same time, together, to create real power in the body.

Being strong for 2014 is really about being able to live a fulfilling lifestyle and for every movement you really a relying on your core strength. Focus on your center from which your other fitness needs radiate from. Strength is not about showing off but about steadily boosting your power.

If you leave your core exercises behind and neglect them then you are going to find that your fitness goals are harder to reach. Be strong in 2014 by being centred in a productive fitness regime and learn how to establish this as one of your fitness ambitions for the year ahead.

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