Make your 2014 resolutions!

2014January05_Motivation_AIt’s already 2014, so if you haven’t already taken time to formulate your resolutions for the year ahead, then there’s no time like the present. If you’re struggling to come up with clear ideas about what you want to achieve, or which life changing decision to focus on, then you’re not alone. Deciding to make a difference to your lifestyle involves commitment, drive and motivation, as well as a clear plan of action.

Give yourself an hour or more to really think about your 2014 resolutions. Now the festive season has passed, you’re probably wanting to get back into a proper rhythm once again. However, to make sure that you are getting back into the swing of a healthy lifestyle here’s how to get to grips with some fitness related resolutions.

  1. Categorize: While everything you experience and do is interconnected with who you are, the life you lead and the people you know it’s worthwhile trying to create a sense of separation. Start with resolution categories, such as fitness, weight, habits, activities. Under each of these, write down up to three resolutions. This should give you an insight into what areas of your life you want to change.

  2. Identify top wants: From your list, circle those goals that really stand out. You might want to get fit enough to climb Everest one day, but do you need to concentrate on losing weight first? You may want to spend more time outdoors at the weekends, being active, but are there habits you need to change in order to achieve this? Identify a manageable amount of resolutions.

  3. Write down resolutions: Now write out a definitive list. You could create a scroll, or make your document look official. What about hanging these on a wall or somewhere where they will be seen and not forgotten? You could add in some mantras too to repeat each morning and evening, where you say out loud how successful you are. If you want to lose weight then you might say, “I am my ideal weight and look and feel great!” This will motivate you to achieve your goal. Inspirational quotes can also boost morale if the going gets tough.

  4. How? When? What?: It’s not enough to simply come up with some ideas and then hope for the best. Resolutions are now just statements of intent. You need to give some thought as to how you will achieve your goal and what specifically you want to do to be able to get there. What’s your deadline? If you want to be slimmer then is it just a case of losing weight, or do you need to tone up too? How will you manage to do this and what’s your end goal?

  5. Making mini-resolutions: Break up resolutions into smaller goals to create motivational momentum and to feel a sense of achievement along the way. Where do you want to be in three months time? At what stage? Alongside these smaller resolutions, think about resolution threads that are attached to bigger resolutions. With a weight loss plan, for example, you might decide to cut out alcohol, or not eat after a certain time of night. You might include a ban on take-outs and a decision to take a healthy packed lunch into work each day.

Now is the time to work out what you want, where you want to go and how. It’s always easier to make positive change with the right support too, so get in touch today.

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